Handy man recommendation in San Antonio

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I have a handyman for San Antonio. Don't believe I'm supposed to post people's phone numbers in the forum but I'll send a PM

You need to know that the city is out looking for people who are flipping properties. They are making sure that everyone pulls a permit. If you change out a counter top, that means you need a new faucet or put the one that is already has back on. That needs a permit. ANY plumbing needs a permit from a licensed plumber. Any electrical, even changing out plugs or switches, needs a permit from a licensed electrician. Roofing, foundation, major sheetrock replacement, insulation, and general remodel need a permit.

Most handymen type of people are NOT licensed with the city as contractors. If you do hire someone, make sure that they are licensed with the city. That means they have to have over $1mil of insurance in case they mess up something in your house, you can file against their insurance.

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