I build ADUs In Los Angeles looking to share knowledge

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I put all my focus on ADUs. I really believe we are creating a new housing option in Southern California. Would love to share knowledge and be able to learn more financing options.

I'm also working on a property management company. For ADU Airbnb's.


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@Chris Collins

There are defiantly restrictions.

180 days out of the year, but you can get a permit to rent out for longer. Currently we’re not seeing any restrictions being Enforced.

The above does not sound like a solid long term business plan in my opinion. Betting on "Not currently enforcing" is not a long term strategy I would bet on. Additionally, building ADU units for short term rentals is NOT helping the housing shortage, it is merely a vacation/business destination.

That is my experience, Inglewood required a deed that said I would not use my ADU as a short term rental.  

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@Yosef Peretz

I was on a webinar for a company that does ADU consulting and they mentioned you cannot short term rental an ADU.