Ditching contracting, considering consulting.

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Hey guys!

A little back ground on myself I am a licensed GC in Washington state. We previously specialized in working with investors and property managers. At the largest point I had 8 staffed employees out in the field, and were the preferred vendor for most property managers. We offered all handyman services and handled some pretty serious rehabs as well(I got to pick a garage up 8ft). We ended up changing directions because I was working every weekend and profit margins are always slim working with investors as a contractor. On top of that I could not offer a competitive wage for quality employees.

I recently got an opportunity to do a walk though with a couple just getting started. It was originally to potentially bid some work.( They found me on BP and you guys have done so much for me I cant not pay it back!) I got to the house and they had a smoking deal in a great location! It was a 4bed 2.5bath right across the street from the best middle and elementary school. They had met with a few contractors and had some no show, when we started the walk though the prices and scope they were thinking(had been told) was way to high and way to big. 

While I was there I helped them nail down a realistic scope, order of events, and how to go about things rather is was a DIY item or here is a good sub I can suggest as well as here are some secret tools to cut down on maintenance in the future. We have stayed in touch and I have been some what of an accountability partner for them to stay focused. 

This has been a incredible experience and done wonders for me during covid. I wonder if there is a way I can do this more! I loved showing them how to cut so much fat off and in return help there family thrive. At the same time instilling in them some confidence. I don't want to be the contractor anymore but is there a way for me to almost consult?

This is my first long winded post, so thank you so much for your time and thoughts as always!

@Samuel Fletcher Hardy

Very cool! I think lots of folks would WANT this now how much will they pay and what is the structure. Seems like it’s basically coaching. So maybe get them to pay a monthly fee for 6 months or something.

@Lee Ripma

Hey Lee, I don't even necessarily want/need to get paid(it would be nice). I think the networking opportunity and being able to be viewed as an expert in that area is worth its weight in gold!