Clearing vacant land

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Hi Tanuj! Prices vary from "state to state", and "county to county". If this parcel is not "up for sale" or development, ...and it is being "salted-away" as an investment, ...many times, it is better to leave the "brush, trees, etc." in it's "natural state".

Exceptions are "code enforcement issues" (I.e., overgrown areas that need to be cleared, order by your local code enforcement). 

By keeping a vacant lot with it's original "brush and trees, etc.", just may prevent erosion, and may prevent fast growing invasive plants, that "take the place" of the original brush, trees, etc. that's on your parcel. 

Hopefully Tanuj, someone here on BP, will have you the name of a local vendor, that clears lots. If not, try Google! LOL!

If you are selling, "do the math" and see if you can command a "higher price" if your clear "excess brush, trees, etc.".

Tanuj, ...good luck to you! Sincerely, Bob

6 months ago, I paid $15K to clear a wooded .8 acre lot, install 12' culvert for 2 driveways and gravel for 2 20' construction driveways.  Interesting thing, I got three bids form experienced graders. Each spent 10 minutes walking the property and the 3 bids were all w/in $1K of each other.  It was not a mathematical cost calculation like footings, framing, roofing, etc.  Just 3 guys that knew their trade.