Contractor in Knoxville, TN

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I’ve been having some bad luck with contractors in Knoxville and need to find a good, honest, reliable contractor to complete a job that is now 9 months late! It’s a 2 story single family residence requiring mostly cosmetic work. Looking to finish the rehab and get the property rented ASAP. Thanks in advance for your help and referrals.

@Christopher B. The work basically stopped for 8 months. I know The flooring needs to be laid and some cabinets need to be installed in the kitchen. I’m not in the state and I have been unable to get any pictures or video from the contractor for several months so I’m not 100% certain what other punch list items may still be undone. The contractor would need to do a walk through first so we can agree on the full scope.

For every investor who said they followed “Four Steps to Finding Good Contractors”, there must be many investors with nightmare stories. Finding a good contractor is not as easy as a few people make it sound.

William might not be able to do the work himself, partly based on his being out-of-state.