Hi BiggerPockets!

I live in the Westchester area of New York. I am looking for some recommendations when it comes to this project.


1. What should I expect to pay? Internet say large houses can be upwards of $10k my house is 2200 sq ft and needs everything (power wash, sand, minor carpentry, etc)

2. Will I be able to find a painter that can act as a one stop stop or will I need multiple contractors? Ex. I need minor carpentry work (One door frame and 2 pieces on non-load bearing soffit), power washing, sanding, removal of old caulk and application of new caulk.

3. Should I buy my own paint or should I see if the painter has vendors they receive a discount from?

4. Is it unreasonable to ask for a materials and labor breakdown when asking for quotes?

5. How long should I expect the project to take. Online I see about 3-4 days but I don't expect my job to be easy so I think I am expecting 1 week.

The Expected Project:

-Repair of rotted door frame and two pieces of soffit

-Pressure wash of of house

-Prep Work (Paint Chipping, Sanding, Caulking)

-Paint house 2200 sq ft

-Paint 2 car garage (Only the top portion. leaving exposed cinderblocks unpainted.)