Chicago 3.5 zoning 2-unit with rooftop allowed ?

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In Chicago in a RT-3.5 zone, you are allowed to build a dual pled units or SFH. With this type of zoning can you build a rooftop on top of a 4th floor???

@Chris K. - I believe you should be able to duplex if zoned RT 3.5, but not sure on the rooftop.  Check out this website which lays out the Chicago zoning criteria pretty clear.

For sure I also recommend connecting with @Prashanth Mahakali or @Samuel Pavlovcik .  They are both Chicago architects that can confirm your questions and are just great resources in general.

@Chris K.

If you count the basement as the first floor then I believe so. Typically you will only be able to build stairway access to reach the deck and not a room up there. they generally do not allow for “livable” space on the deck level. although I have seen developers sneak in bathrooms up there which is an awesome idea.