General contractor in Baltimore

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I have found that most people won't share their general contractor on a public forum, but they are willing to share once you develop a repertoire with them. Contractors might not be the most important part of your team, but they are usually the hardest part to find quality. Network with people in your area of interest (can be virtual!) and then ask around. 

You should be looking for a contractor that works primarily with investors. Investors don't need the fancy outfits, with a fancy website, that caters to primary-home-owners. Investors need someone who can work within a budget. There are three criteria: affordability, speed, and cost. You can choose two. 

But the most important thing (in my opinion) is if you can trust the contractor. It's tricky to work with someone new, as you want to foster trust, but you need to balance that with not being gullible and paying too much upfront. I find it best to network and find reputable names. When contractors have a good reputation, that's worth a lot to them, and it's much more likely they want to keep that good reputation (and not run off with your money and an unfinished job).