Contractor in Kansas City for Rehabs

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Hi, I am an OOO investor from Colorado looking to buy and rehab properties in Kansas City. I am looking for any recommendations on contractors in the area that specialize in working with investor to rehab properties up to rental status. Reach out if you have any recommendations.

Hello, I imagine it would be pretty hard to manage rehabs out of state. I would do some great research on whoever you find. Are you looking for a GC or individual contractors per trade? Good luck on your endeavors. 

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I am mainly looking for a GC so that I don't have to work as hard to manage the rehab out of state.

 The issue is this. If you had a general contractor that was making you lots of money would you share their information on Bigger Pockets? In my experience once a general contractor gets lots of work they go up on their prices tremendously and they get a bit more cocky to go along with it. A lot of investors know this so they keep their cards pretty tight and close to their chest. If I knew all the right general contractors I can assure you I would be in more areas buying more houses at a faster clip. If you figure out a way of cracking that code please PM me I’m not too old to learn. :-)

My older son and I were having a conversation just yesterday. I was checking on some work on a rehab and he wanted to know why I did not just use general contractors for everything.

This has been a difficult problem for me as well. I've always acted as GC and found subs, but I've occasionally bid out work to known investor-friendly GCs with hopes of removing myself and doing more work faster. Being connected to REI groups here in KC has helped tremendously to find both subs and GCs. When I've bid out to GCs, I've found the price to be about 30% higher, which would kill the deals that I'm able to find at this point. I share quite a bit of info but I wouldn't want to share widely the contractors that I'm keeping busy. One thing that has been working really well is finding an accountability partner in the same boat and sharing contractors with them. This makes the trial and error of finding good contractors twice as fast!