San Diego ADU Inspection Advice

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I bought a house in Linda Vista (City of San Diego) in March of 2020 which had a converted garage. I plan on selling this place and hopefully getting west of the 5 and part of that plan is getting the converted studio permitted as an ADU. I got plans done and permit ready to be issued, just need to pull the trigger. I have been holding off though because I have a tenant (long time friend) who lives in the unit.

I am a little hesitant to pull the permit and call for inspections with the place currently being occupied. Does anyone have any experience with this and any advice for me. I would like to get it out of the way but don’t want to screw myself over if it’s avoidable.

Thanks for the input!

@Peter Lee The city may issue a violation if they discover that you have been renting to a tenant in a unpermitted unit. But, it has been noted that demolition of unpermitted units has contributed to the housing crisis in CA, so I would be surprised if anything like that happened. In Sf, they even started a program where you can anonymously apply to permit illegal units. I'm curious if SD has one too. I have never dealt with something like this before, so I am not 100% sure. Worst case, you may have to wait until your friend moves out to have them come out. 

If you would like to discuss further, I am happy to talk. 

@Andy Eakes

Just pulled the permit and my buddy going to moving out soon so we will see. Talked to a few city of SD inspectors I work with on the commercial side of things and they said they didn’t think I would have any major issues as long as I bring it up to current code. Will update the thread after I call in my first inspection. Picking up attic insulation from HD so I won’t have issues!