Chicago Subcontractor Rec

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BP has never let me down and now looking again for recommendation.

Looking at purchasing primary residence that needs a decent amount of updating. Good amount is cosmetic but some wall removal, Master bath gut, etc. Hoping to get reasonable subcontractor rec in Chicago area.


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@Eddie Maynard - Is this for a multi-unit building or single-family?   Either way, I'd assume it will be somewhat higher-end since you are in Lincoln Park.

We might be able to help depending on the exact scope or size, if it's not a good fit for us, happy to recommend others that might be able to help too.

Feel free to reach and we can discuss some of the details.

@Eddie Maynard  be cautious if you plan on getting it done without a permit; from what I've seen the City has been cracking down on issuing more Stop work Orders. The "Wall Removal" component woould prompt the requirement for a full building permit compared to a "Pull and Replace" Easy Permit option... It's a good that your connecting with @Jonathan Klemm because I'm sure he can recommend some licensed trades who do good work...