BP Etiquette

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What is proper etiquette for

1. when someone votes for you  I have 370 plus votes in 896 posts in 5 months and have never acknowledged anyone who voted for me.. Is this rude or just the way it is.

2. Following is it proper to follow those that are following you.. I have a bunch of followers but have not followed anyone else. and what is following any ways.. does that mean when I post something that post goes to who ever is following me and vis a versa.

3. What exactly does a colleague request mean and do... I understand you accept them or deny them.. but once accepted what happens?

thank you trying to bang out 4 more replys today so I get to 900... And not one of my replys is a hey welcome to BP... I leave that to the other ambassadors.

1. I assume voting is  a signal that the answer is  helpful, I don't acknowledge people who vote on an answer but I do use it as a signal of a must read response.

2.  Not sure,  I haven't  followed anyone yet.

3. Colleague request gives you a chance to connect and call someone in to a discussion when they aren't participating, not sure what else it does. 

As to voting, some acknowledge and some don't; that is something that is a personal preference that you have. I admit that I have acknowledged a few votes via private messages; I have gotten quite a few "thanks for the vote" messages. 

Following your followers makes them a full colleague and that is sort of a promotion of the follower's status. I generally don't follow a follower unless I already know the member personally (as in face to face met previously). Because full colleagues have some special privileges. Again that is a personal preference. 

Colleagues are able to see private portions of your profile. Colleagues can be sent private messages via BP's messaging system. Colleagues can be mentioned in a discussion where that colleague has not yet participated by posting in the discussion; the mention system only allows you to mention participants on a thread and colleagues. 

Hope that helps. 

To add: I rarely accept a colleague request that does not have a few words as to why the user is requesting to be colleagues; I've only accepted those from people I already knew. 

And rarely will I deny a colleague request that did have a few words as to why the request was made. Has happened, but I try to accept when the user has made an attempt at being cordial. 

Whenever I vote on a post I'd never for any reason expect that person to acknowledge it.
Personally when I click on the vote I actually intend it be similar to a real vote meaning that I support what the person has said. It also serves as a silent pat on the back for the poster.

thanks for the responses, I will have to delve into the following not following and what the extra items folks can see. I will be more weary of just accepting colleague requests in the future as well.

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