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Hi Everyone,

We know that there are a lot of folks out there with suggestions for improving the mobile app for BiggerPockets, including a sizable audience out there looking for an Android App.

Right now, we are focused exclusively on improving the BiggerPockets Mobile App in it's CURRENT form and are not working on an Android/other app in the immediate future.  

To that end, we are looking for feedback from current users - how do you use the mobile app? Do you use it for the majority of your reading, posting, or a combination?  What are the biggest flaws or issues holding you back from using it more?  What can we do to improve it?

Really appreciate the feedback - we'll use it in deciding what to build, and who we need to work with to build it!

When I edit a post two posts will appear, the original and the edited post. Not sure if it appears like that on the site but it will show two post on my phone.

It would be great to have the messaging function available in the app. Currently, I have to open my browser to view and respond to messages.

Also, having the ability to follow a topic/post would be a good feature without having to go through the web browser.

The app also seems to crash when trying to access certain posts. Also, when the page loads the next chain of posts, it oftentimes will duplicate the last few posts on the refresh.

Those are the main issues that I've noticed, for now.

Embedded pictures not showing up most of the time.

Add user location to posts.

Separate longer topics into pages like on website, continuous scrolling seems to make the app crash more.

Clicking a topic that is in the BP Pro area causes app to crash - I'm not pro but sometimes I click on the post without noticing it's in the pro area and the app crashes

So this app is apparently only available for iOS?

I agree with @Yishi Garrard It would be great if the app would be able to have all functions that are available on the website and it would help if it was more user friendly. Currently I stopped using the mobile site as it crashes on occasion and it's rather difficult navigating. However I use the website on my phone via safari and it works perfectly with no issues. 

A couple of suggestions:

1. A must add would be a section for the calculators

2. A section for ebooks that can be recommended, purchased, and read in the app

3. Podcasts, it would be great to access the podcasts on the app that link to the show notes

4. A suggestion for both the app and the website would be to improve the marketplace (if this is a goal of BP as a company).  Instead of just having forum posts, it could serve more as a listing service with an integrated map, property price, details, etc. (include filters).

5. Local calendar - a local calendar where BP members can post meetup times, locations, etc. would be great for networking

Implement a mobile version of the calculators. This would be huge. Would also like to see the original poster's name in the thread list, it only shows who posted last today.

I concur with previous posts regarding the continuous scrolling and image issues. These items are what keeping me from using it exclusively on my iPhone. I am mostly using Safari these days. 

Shawn - thanks for that bug - I’ll let the Devs know!

Yishi - that’s great feedback, yes we would like to make messaging and following available

Matt - thanks for notifying us of those bugs!

Adam - yes, only available for iOS currently

Josh - thanks for all of those suggestions, I think that calculators in particular are a reasonable goal for the app.

Ability to access and send messages which was mentioned already but this is crucial! It's so annoying to have to toggle between your email/app/browser. Look forward to the revisions. Good luck!

one more addition: the ability to click on links in the app and open the browser in the app only instead of opening up safari

Womp Womp....

Guess I have no opinion, I'm not trendy, I don't have an iphone. 

I use the app on my iPhone 6 to read mostly forum posts. I have observed that the app crashes a lot of times when I try to open a post. If you can fix the crashes, that would be great.

Also, there is no iPad app, it's just a scaled up iPhone app. Also, If you can optimize the app for bigger iPhones like iPhone 6, and 6 plus, it would look nice.

Add ability to copy text (copy and paste)

Long posts get cut off

- Messaging messaging messaging!
- A menu that allows users to see their own posts
- calculators would be great!

Good luck guys!

BP is an awesome site. Ensure the app has the same awesome functions.

If the blog could show up here that would be awesome! Maybe future access to calculators also. Also, on the iPhone 6 or 6 plus the keyboard grows to an abnormally large size (which normally means it's formatted for the 5). It's an odd change, but it kinda bothers me :/

This post has been removed.

The ability to use the app in landscape mode (turning screen long ways). I currently use the app mainly on my iPad, however you can see it's just a scaled up version of the iPhone app. Being able to use in landscape mode would allow the use of my external keyboard for my iPad.

I would love to be able to use the calculators, set up keywords on the go, use the network to see if anyone is close to me, biggest thing to be able to search events and happenings, even be able to download files on the fly so you can print them off at a local store.

What's your beef with android?

1) Make the blog available
2) Allow access to the calculators
3) allow messaging


1) App will crash randomly
2) photos in the posts often will not display
3) Clicking on a member does not show entire profile
4) very long posts are cut off so the rest of it can't be read

App can't see pictures. Only shows far left side.

Today's existing issue should be resolved before adding features. Constant crashing plagues the app even with the most updated iOS and version of BP app.

With that fixed, the app would be fantastic with:

- Easy inbox access
- Messaging with push alerts
- Marketplace function by market/state (this would be a website improvement as well)
- An "email this thread" function that would take the thread you're reading and enable you to email it in its entirety to someone else, or to yourself for saving or future review

Best wishes! I'm sure all of this is easier said than done...


How about a link to the last reply on a post? For example, if the post has 100 replies, it takes a while to get to the end.

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