Email Account Verification.

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For the last few days now, I keep getting request to verify my email account.   I got this months ago, constantly and then switch to a new email account back.

Now, I'm getting it again and is very frustrating as it not allowing me to get my alerts nor start a discussion until I verify - which I have done several times over.

What is going on with the system and why (I have see other discussions have the same type of issues)?

Hi Bill,

It is an issue the developers are working on. Something about some of these e-mail companies are changing their screening filters for delivered mail. So when BP sends an e-mail it is not being received and then it triggers BP to ask you to re-verify your e-mail account as good.

I have Comcast e-mail and it is causing problems the last few days for me. The option I have been given is to change the verified e-mail to another provider like Gmail until they can get it worked out. So far every once a day I just re-verify and it let's me back in.

Not an expert on this and you must contact Bigger Pockets for your own situation to find out what is happening.   

I had to do it yesterday, 5 times (probably once for every notification I got?) I was mobile and it was definitely frustrating, and then again this morning.  It's a pain in the butt to have to re-verify.  And I use self hosted email solution.  I hadn't noticed any bouncing emails, but I added biggerpockets to my whitelist anyhow.

Cheers Friends,

I have AT&T and have experienced the same thing. I am happy to hear that it is being addressed, I am a new member and was hoping this was not something I would have to do everyday.



I am not on Comcast Email, selfhosted, but do use comcast internet service. I just got another verification request, even after adding to my whitelist.

@Joshua Dorkin  ---  Well as I tried to reply to this blog, before I could, I needed to once again re-verify my email account.  Believe I have done this several times over in the last 24 hours  --- This is extremely frustrating.  When I first signed up for BP, I used by AOL account for many months until early this year when it started. After several emails with support and every other month of getting the notification to verify my email account, final switch to my YAHOO account.  Was working well for a few months until the last few days.

Just an FYI, from my research, it appears to be only the PRO and PLUS members whom keep getting this email notification to verify the accounts.  Would think paid members need only verify once until they stop paying.  Just very odd.



I got the same on yahoo. Had not seen this before.

Seen the same on my yahoo account a few times today. I thought it was because I accessed my account from various locations ... 

So this morning within a couple of hours on BP site, received message to verify my email account several times.  Truly amazing, all I was trying to catch up on reading missing Blog postings as I have been getting my daily email alerts for the last couple days.

What is going on with the BP alerts?

Well I was going to do a new post but I see I am not the only one experiencing problems with the log in.

I too have been getting this for the past week:

"Your account is unverified. Resend Email Verification."

I am using my Apple account for BP and a Mac OS but I also log in on a PC Windows 7 OS machine as well and my iPhone 5S. So I use multiple devices.

Any ETA on this fix?

Hey guys - We're going to have the appropriate stakeholders meet tomorrow morning to discuss this in more detail.  We'll jump in with updates as soon as we have any.

I'm not a Pro or Plus member but I had the same issues as well in the past. About every other month I have to verify my email. In my case the verify your email link never worked. I had to get BP support to help me each time. I'm using Brighthouse. 

Sorry about this, I am working on a fix as we speak. You should stop getting unverified - I temporarily disabled it. When I re-enable it, it should work as it did before (only unverifying you if it had a legit reason to).

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