What type of emails do YOU want to receive from BiggerPockets?

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If you have an idea or feedback on the emails you receive from BiggerPockets? Let us know by replying to this post. 

For example, do you want to learn more about our features? Want more videos? Want to hear from us less? Share below.

Make sure links work in the emails. Links on profile pictures don't go to the profiles for colleague request, they go to "http://users/JasonBott" for example. Other things are like the unsubscribe link or something is dead middle on it's own vs the link to read the thread is stuffed into a paragraph. So take a wild guess on what I keep click, yup subscribing when all I really wanted to do is read the thread. That goes the same with the colleague request, the "Click here to leave this conversation." is right where your tapping the "Colleague Request" link.

Beyond that, I don't any anymore email than I'm currently selected. I don't need to know about the next pod cast or some headline, unless I signed up for it, but that's just me. Whatever you do make sure we have plenty of controls to continue to select what type of emails we are getting.

I'm new to real estate investing, that is to say I've owned property in the past commercial and residential. But when the recession hit I wasn't prepared and I lost everything. I'm now ready to build this real estate portfolio on a strong foundation and I'm starting with biggerpockets because what I have learned is I can't do it alone My goal is to wholesale first to clear up my debts and then start rehabbing to build a firm investment company.

I'm hoping for feedback from experienced investors to help direct my path.

I'm a big fan of the articles. It's an easy way to access content while I'm out in the field working.

I would love to see more information (maybe how users have utilized) on how to use all of BPs features. I hear about the property calculator on the podcasts, but don't necessarily use it as much as I should.

Well, you guys can feel free to send me off-market smokin' deals that no one else knows about, or the winning Powerball numbers whenever the mood strikes you! :)

Not much, actually. I enjoy the site and visit most days, so I usually know what's going on here. Between my business, my other job, and my other other job, my e-mail load is already obscene so I prefer little to no e-mail. 

There's a few people on BP who clearly know what they are talking about and give really good advice in the forums. I've always wanted to be able to "follow" them and then get an email once a day with links to the posts they've written in the last 24 hours...similar to a key word alert.

Most of the time I view these emails on my phone, especially the daily updates and keywords. Is there a way to route you to the BiggerPockets app, instead of the browser on the phone? 

I enjoy getting the emails from you guys.  It shows me the key blog posts that are worth seeing. I do not look on the blog unless I see it in an e-mail.  

It would be great if you could start a Real Estate News email where you send out a newsletter detailing broad law changes and what they mean, things like FHA loan limit changes, a few stats on housing starts and construction. Just general market data like that that could give investors more broad knowledge of the market as a whole.

@Lauren Hogan

As a newbie, I believe every new user that signs up w/ BP should receive some type of welcome email stating; all the rules, complete list of links to all the beginner stuff, etc.

I appreciate and love the way BP interacts w/ their users and lets us be involved in the overall process of making the site better.


I think BP does an awesome job as things are. I wish I had something positive to add but how can you improve on "AWESOME"? 

Being a newbie, I would like more information on building a strong foundation for my business.  I want to know what works, what works better and what to run from.  I would also like to receive need to know laws that may make my journey a little easier.

I like Ryan Evans idea.

I think getting constant e-mail from Bigger Pockets multiple times a day to most will be a big disruption and almost seem like spamming which I am sure is not the intent.

I use to select receive this or that notice years ago but received a bazillion notices so turned all of that off.

It seems like people are wanting information selective to their interests in a big block of information maybe once a day etc.

What I have been doing for years is I just go on the site daily once typically in the morning and once at night for about 15 to 20 minutes or so and read some topics and answer some questions.

The needs of the site will vary greatly based on being a new user or the very experienced old guard on here that tend to learn from very advanced topics.


No Brandon Turner I do not need to learn how to buy investment properties to duplexes with no money down............. ha.ha.ha   

Brandon Turner is so tall they look at him and then give him no money down to buy their property. That is the secret if you read his book............... : ) So if your short it won't work. jk 


New to bigger pockets recently got sucked into bigger pockets from a co worker who also owns a rental property. The forums are the shinning point. I feel the email blasts are click bait junk, I put it on par with men's health telling me every month I can get 15 minute abs.

But nice to have would be market data. We don't need to know lumber futures or what the steel commodity prices are doing. But some broad market data points would be great.

New laws coming down the pipe that relate to being a landlord, or things that may soon be up for debate. For example how might medical marijuana effect a no smoking policy. Or having to give a 90 day notice to raise rents instead of 30 days. Or possibly having disclose prior bed bug infestations.

Also highlighting areas singling for growth that may effect real estate directly or in directly. For example if proctor and gamble is building a new factory that plans to employ a lot of people in West Virginia, Utah doubling down to increase its tech scene, Portland opening up free college or the city of xyz offering 1% loans and 50k improvement grants to revitalize you just been Car Jacked ST. If you told me 5 years ago Texas would be a break out state to be a landlord I would of laughed thinking of a tumble weed rolling across the desert. Looking back at news headlines over 5 years and they have done a lot to attract new manufacturing, new high tech job, urban planning and growth leaning towards a younger population. Now the only articles I see about Texas is how hot the market is.

I feel like you should focus a lot less on the articles and videos you've been sending and a lot more on click bait and get-rich-quick scams... just my two cents.

Originally posted by @Lauren Hogan :

If you have an idea or feedback on the emails you receive from BiggerPockets? Let us know by replying to this post. 

For example, do you want to learn more about our features? Want more videos? Want to hear from us less? Share below.

I would not mind a email a week about reavant articles based on my interests with the occasional "did you know this short cut" like the podcasts do sometimes in quick tips. Nomore than five a month unless it's something I specifically asked for would be good.

  1. Perhaps you can make a button to click  by alerts/keywords  for those who would like updates of the next podcast or webinars.  One can unclick it once we are saturated and need a break.  Too much sometimes causes paralyzes. 
  2. What would be great is every so often bring in a newbies etc. to have live question and answers perhaps 4 in an hour (15mins. each)?  
  3. Another Suggestion perhaps once a year chose a pro who would like to be mentored for a day or two or through a purchase.  Now that would be truly amazing!  I would love to be the 1st hahaha. 
  4. Create a hub channel where we can talk story with other members via chat rather than only doing posts...just thoughts... If I had a website on REI I'd implement things a such.

Thanks much for allowing the opportunity to voice our thoughts. aloha!

Layout of the emails could use some tweaking. When using a mobile device it's too easy to fat finger a misclick. Hyperlinks should be separated from one another and no "buttons" in the middle to hit while scrolling

I am not new to RE, was active for 40 yrs as a RE Broker. I want to start investing to produce both cash flow as my current monthly income is low and build cash to pay off my mortgage. I am "retired" but too active to sit around and do nothing. I joined Bigger Pockets after watching all the "gurus" promote their processes and automations to buy RE with "no" money or "little " money. Would like to hear from anyone who can give solid, proven systems to do this right. Am currently digging around the BP site to know exactly what is available.

Looking for feedback from the experienced. 

I get the newsletter email 3 times a week. Sometimes I open it and look at the links, most of the time I don't. What bothers me the most is that most of the articles are not even new! Sometimes they are up to 3 years old. I get frustrated that an email blast would highlight an old article. It should feature only new content.

Already with this frustration, I don't want more emails from BP. If I want information from BP, I will just go directly to the website.

I prefer one email from BP per week talking about the latest podcast and links to articles.

I'm ok with recycled articles as long as they are listed as such and have updated content. Then I can choose to re-read them or not.

Having an email that consolidates my interests into one email is preferable, which I currently get weekly. Being able to choose daily, bi-weekly or some frequency of my choice would be helpful. These links to topics, that look interesting to me, drive me to the site. 

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