[~5 Min. Survey] How has BiggerPockets helped you?

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Have you made hundreds, thousands or more after joining the BiggerPockets community? We want to hear from you.

We want to learn about the impact BiggerPockets has made in our member's lives so we have created a ~5-minute survey. It's completely anonymous and all results will be shared within our community this summer.

Want to share your success? You can access the survey here or by visiting https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/VFNVB3L  

I took a hiatus from BP but boy am I glad to be back! Such a great community! I have some questions on the questions.

13. On average, how much, of your own money, have you spent on acquiring the property type(s)? This is the total spent on each property type. If you do not remember exact numbers, use your best guess. Example: 17000.

Is this question basically asking how much equity I initially had in the property on the date of purchase? So if I bought a $100,000 house for $100,000 cash, the response would be $100,000? And if I bought a $100,000 house and put $20,000 down and got an $80,000 loan, I would put $20,000? And this does not include rehab or anything, correct? Just the amount of money I put into the deal to acquire the property?

15. On average, how much money do you make on the property type each year?

Is this cash flow? Including or not including cash received from cash-out refi? Or is this NOI (before financing charges)? Or something else?

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After having been in BP about a month and AFTER I just bought my first SFR last year, I feel like I was on the correct course towards my first REI. Great feeling for sure.

That being said I have discovered a wealth of info and resources on BP that will help me towards potential future purchases and mgmt of my property.

@Joshua D. once we have results that are significant we will share them on the blog and through email. I'll make sure to post any useful links in this discussion. 

@Logan Allec to answer your questions. For Q13, you are correct. We are asking for the amount of money you put into the deal. For Q15, we are asking for any income (net operating income) you received off the property which includes cash flow and cash-out refi.

Bp is awesome and great I think every investor that's interested in real estate should join this community I will be a pro member soon 💯 thank you for creating this site it has helped me out personally a lot sometimes I think I wouldn't know a lot of things if it wasn't for bigger pockets💯

Gave me the courage to go ahead and invest in real estate. Without the knowledge, the community, the push to network...I wouldn't have known where to start.

Currently in contract for my first duplex and just sent out my first batch of yellow letters and have a potential lead already.

Only took 25 letter to get the first phone call.

I'm looking forward to a very successful second career and possible retirement!

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@Lauren Hogan , here's mine:  Bigger Pockets has saved me tens of thousands of dollars and tremendous headache by steering me from making bad, uninformed decisions that I could have made had I not gained from the experience and knowledge of others through BP. Knowledge is power! Ben Franklin said that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure!

This survey doesn't work for me. Maybe how its worded, perhaps I have too many deals done in a year that I can't answer them. Each deal is different. If I BRRRR a house what does it cost me? If I BRRRRRa house didn't I essentially make the value of the house itself?

I don't know exactly what you are asking for when you say how much do I make? Are you talking cash flow? Should I include equity? 

When I had developed a survey I had to re-write it for 6 mos until I had a statistician accept the questions. So, I know how hard it is to write.

Try asking simpler questions. Research is hard. Good luck.

I've been a lurker for the small amount of time that I've been here, but I've learned quite a bit by indulging myself in reading many past forums that commented on transactions and market analysis. I'm a young person (17 years old), but this, alongside the many books on finance and discussions with other investors online, has been a valuable tool that I will definitely use in the future. I hope to connect with people in the future to partake in an internship/apprenticeship in the coming year!

I'm a buy and hold investor in commercial and residential properties in the DC Metro area.  I also buy non-performing mortgage notes and work them out for a living.  BP has given me a sense of community I've been seeking for a while.  I'm involved in some FB groups however I'm finding a lot of fluff mixed in with good connections/dialogue.  I'm hoping to connect with other focused folks in a like minded setting.  

Tried to do it at survey monkey and the page with number of properties kept coming up again.  Gave up.  Short answer, yes, I have used info from BP to help my company succeed.  I LOVE the local meetup.

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I love BP and the ocean of knowledge that it contains; they're so many great tips and advice and specific answers to any question that one could have. I absolutely love listening to the BP Podcast as well and the different views of investors with the multitude of strategies to build wealth and financial freedom. 

I love this community and am completely in agreement with the mission of this company. I am so excited to begin my investing journey and be worthy of gaining financial freedom!

Bigger Pockets is the only online media I've actually paid/subscribed to during my Real Estate Investing education. It's not because I've listened to Josh and Brandon for hours on end while driving in my car and feel like we always go on road trips together. It's not because they fight more than my brother and I. It's the community, the education, the actionable advice, the interviews with successful investors, the tools they provide. The list goes on. Remember that no one can give you a step-by-step approach to this (believe me I've looked). Find your real estate vehicle and study how others succeeded in it. Use the tools available. Stay creative. It's easy to be afraid of failure. What's hard is knowing you may fail and to do it anyway. Tim Shiner said it best- "Am I stepping off of a curb or a cliff?" We're all going to make some mistakes along the way. Don't let that stop you- just bring a parachute. 

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