Episode 231 - Ethical Wholesaling with Brett Snodgrass

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Wholesaling is a hot topic on BiggerPockets - with very passionate views on both sides. 

Today's guest is Brett Snodgrass, a successful wholesaler out of Indiana who shares his methods and strategies. 

Listen to Episode 231 and hear Brett walk Josh and Brandon through their “first deal” at wholesaling real estate.

Medium fbprofileMindy Jensen, BiggerPockets | [email protected] | https://www.biggerpockets.com | CO Agent # FA100049656 | Podcast Guest on Show #129

Excellent podcast. I really like the discussion about being ethical and avoiding any of the misunderstandings that wholesaling can often bring.

As a wholesaler I definitely agree with Brett. Congrats for being on the podcast and clearing some things up.

Great episode. Nice to hear the other side of wholesaling where somebody agrees that a double close is a much more honest and up front way making money off motivated sellers.

@Mindy Jensen

I just listened to this yesterday while working out at the gym and I really liked it.

I started doing a lot of marketing so that I could get off market buy and hold deals here in Omaha and have come across deals I could possibly wholesale. I had avoided wholesaling because of the shadiness and questionable legality, but now am considering doing it using hard money and the double close.

Anthony Gayden, Are You A Tired Landlord? | [email protected]

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@Brett Snodgrass that was an awesome and inspiring podcast. This will be one of the main ones I pass on to others who ask what Bigger Pockets is. 

Thank you!

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Great podcast if I was a wholesaler I would like to do it this way too.

I enjoyed the podcast with Brett Snodgrass.  I actually listened to it a second time to make sure I heard everything.  Great topic and speaker!

Tom Keith, TAK Enterprises | [email protected] | 903‑452‑8843

I liked the idea of sticking to "The One Thing" and not being all over the place with your business

CA Contractor # 543201

@BrettSnodgrass shared valuable information about wholesaling and most import how to do it ethically. This is a show to listing it more than once

[email protected] | http://www.undermarketvalueproperties.com | FL Agent # 3241739

I learned a lot on this one. Wholesaling was very unclear to me previously. Loved the quote he shared about taking care to not be successful at the wrong thing or at something that doesn't matter.

I also really appreciated his honesty about how he made some wrong turns in life that landed him in a place where he had to find a way out. The beginning of every story is not magical but can be inspirational. His story is a great example of that.

KS Agent # BR00223522, MO Agent # 2005006105

Excellent podcast - The ethical way is the most effective way!

Medium logoJason Hirko MBA, Corridor Funding | [email protected] | (512) 560.7985 | http://www.corridorfunding.com

Yes, I agree.  I am starting to market for my next property.  I like the option of closing on the property and reselling it.  That seems to be a more viable option.

Great podcast! Very informative and inspirational! I have no doubt you will succeed in your Ministry and continue to bless people! Continued blessings to you and your family✝️

Great podcast with some awesome advice!

Eric Moore, Moore Homey Buyers, LLC | [email protected] | 210‑660‑8942 | http://www.moorehomebuyers.com

Great podcast.  Loved it!

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Thank you all so much for the feedback, This Podcast was so much fun, and loved providing my experience, and if it helps anyone out there, our purpose of "Bringing Opportunity" is met.  Thank you so much, God Bless!


Medium final logo copyBrett Snodgrass, Simple Wholesaling | [email protected] | 8122168602 | http://www.simplewholesaling.com | Podcast Guest on Show #231

This was exactly what I needed to hear! Excellent podcast. Thank you