Tenant Not Paying Rent

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So today is 10/18/2017, and I STILL HAVE NOT BEEN PAID!!! The rent is now over 2 weeks over due and I am being way to lenient. To preface this story/experience we are typically paid within the first 5 days of the month with a money order in the mail from this tenant. When 10/6 hits I text him and say " I didn't receive the money order today". He says he was out of town for work and mailed it that day. I accept his excuse (First Mistake). 10/12 still no check and I tell the tenant I will be coming by to pick up the money. He tells me because he paid cash for the money order, he does not have any money left to pay me. He states I will just have to wait for the money order, I do (Second Mistake). 10/13 I tell him to reissue the money order and cancel the original. He gets mad and says not to tell him what to do, "you will get your money when it gets to you". Again I give him the benefit of the doubt, and I sit patiently for my money (Third Mistake).  It is now 10/18, I have texted, called, and even went to see him a few times. I made many mistakes when I went to see him. One big mistake I made was not taking a picture of the money order receipt he showed me (I am pretty sure it was from a previous month but at the time I only did a quick look at the receipt. Should have looked at it more detailed and looked for a date). Moral of the story, I am going by the unit Friday to get my money. This time however if I do not receive my money I will be giving him a notice of eviction. WISH ME LUCK!!!  

@Drew Kimminau ,

That sounds frustrating, but the biggest thing you can learn from this is not wasting time with tenant stories.   If we don't get rent on the 7th  (we offer 7-day grace period), we are putting a Pay Or Quit Notice on the 8th.    We always start legal stuff upfront, and if we get the $$, great... we can stop it, but you always want to cover your own bases first.       With our experience, when tenants see legal paperwork, vs. a text, they take it much, much more serious! 

Evictions are just part of the game, show them you aren't playing around!  Remember "There's always enough time and money for whats important to you"... and apply this to tenants!   If you aren't already, i'd put them on a M2M, so you can just do a 30-day notice if needed!

@Drew Kimminau  

Don't go by the unit Friday to get your money, go by with a Notice to Quit (That's what its called in NC, your State probably is different) like you should have when the rent was late at the beginning of the month. 

Right now the tenant is being trained that he can jerk you around whenever it suits him and that he can make his problems yours. You need to impress upon him that he needs to pay his rent or there will be consequences. If you don't, things like this will keep happening to you. 

There is not any need to go in person to collect rent. Go by on Friday to serve eviction papers only. Then follow brought until you are paid. Then next month if you do not receive the rent when t is due which is likely since he tenant is late and will probably not have it then serve eviction papers again. The tenant will get the message and you will not be aggravating yourself with it.

"expect what you accept"

I have eviction letters in the mailbox on the 5th, even if I intend to work something out with them. Start the process, keep their feet to the fire. Rule with an iron fist.

Stop taking rent by mailed money orders.  If you persist, in the future make sure your lease says when you must have the money.   That way any "check's in the mail" BS is irrelevant.  Figure out some electronic payment scheme.  I'd have posted a pay or quit on the 6th, even with the claim it had been mailed.  What, he was somewhere they don't have post offices?  My money's on the rent never having to be mailed.  Get over there and post a pay or quit (whatever its called in your state) tomorrow.

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