Sun Communities Park Takes Long to Verify Buyer for Lot Lease

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Help, do I have any recourse at all? This is the second time on the same home. First time took very long and I had to call corporate. IRA repossessed the home and it's taking long again. Yesterday I finally called corporate underwriting and asked them for help. They passed it off to the regional vp who has not gotten back to me yet.

The park is holding my buyer and I hostage. Process they are going through is not public information. Many delays etc. Perception is we are being strung along. They are not investor friendly. I will not buy another home in this park. The timeline is listed below for anyone who cares to read and advise.

2/24 seller took a deposit from the buyer.

2/24 or 2/25 buyer filled out an application with the park for residency.

2/27, buyer was called to provide a copy of her driver license and social security card. (It would be helpful if she were told that when she filled out the app)

2/28, Friday, buyer was told that the office would let her know something on Monday, 3/3. (It would be nice if there was follow up)

3/3 park sent email to seller that an exterior inspection was needed and there was a $25 charge. Also, seller told that home would need to be put in Quest IRA's name.

3/3 seller sent email to park asking if buyer had been approved and explaining that the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs, Manufactured Home Division said to NOT put home in Quest's name, but go directly to the new buyer with paperwork attached showing the court-ordered eviction. Seller did not receive a response to email.

3/4, buyer was told that she was pre-approved and they would get back to her that day or the next morning. (It would be nice if there was follow up)

3/4 buyer paid the exterior inspection fee. Buyer was told that the rest of the process would only involve the seller. This is when seller was required to get Quest to fill out the paperwork for the lot lease. Park maintains Quest IRA must be on the lot lease.

3/5 blank forms were sent to seller for Quest to fill out. Didn't know how to fill out so seller had to call and wait for return call from park.

3/6 forms filled out by Quest and sent to park by email.

3/6 seller told park waiting on criminal background check results and that it sometimes takes 10 days.

3/7 seller was told park was waiting on corporate underwriting.

3/10 buyer was told park is waiting on seller.

3/11 seller notified by email that park needs SSN and photo ID of Quest corporate officer to finish processing the app that was sent in on 3/6 (should have been requested up front, not 5 days later).

3/11 seller sent email to park asking the following questions: (no response received to date)

1) Has the exterior inspection been done or has it been held up because you didn't have the Quest corporate officer's ID and SSN?

2) Has the criminal background check come back?

3) Has your corporate underwriting department finished their process?

4) What else needs to happen to complete the process?

3/12 buyer called park and was told they aren't sure what is going on. (who does know?)

3/12 buyer says daughter is a leasing agent and says it never takes her this long to get a tenant approval

3/12 seller called corporate underwriting to try to get an answer

3/13 corporate underwriting passed emails to regional vp

Sounds like a personnel issue to me. With corporate owned parks, the park manager's role tends to be separate from the approval process for the lot. Usually, they just send the applications in and wait for a response. Though, having a good relationship helps as they may be able to help "push it through" so it's less effort on you.

The best thing you can do is keep calling. If you can get in contact with a senior manager, it may help to expedite the process.

Would be curious to hear how this all turns out. Thanks for sharing!

This company is notorious for this! I worked with 27 of their communities in Florida, placing new homes in the community...and even then, it took forever! You would think they would want to accept rent on an EMPTY lot, but it was not uncommon that after approval, during construction of the home, which customer already paid for...something would come up, putting their approval in jeopardy! Needless to say, I avoided these communities at all costs!

@Jackie P.

I may still have some info for some internal Sr Management... let me check my old computer and shoot you a PM if I find anything.

This is still not resolved. Paperwork for the sale was already executed and buyer moved in. Now they are terrorizing her, telling her that she is living in the home illegally because they don't have the statement of ownership and location (SOL) from the state. She dropped a money order in the dropbox for April rent. It had my name (seller) on it and not hers. They gave the money order back and refused to accept it because they didn't have the SOL. Someone should certainly have the right to pay lot rent. Either I have the right, or the buyer has the right. Now, I'm sure, they will try to charge late fees.

I can't believe the ridiculousness of this!

@Jackie P. sorry to hear you are going through that. It is outrageous how difficult large companies can make it to do business. Keep your head up!


I think a lawyer would speed things up.

Joe Gore

Hi @Jackie P.

Thank you for sharing this and great call record keeping. By now I hope this is all resolved?

In all my dealings 1 weeks is already too long to wait. I have only heard of one park taking a week or more time to get results back from an application. Many parks as we all know take 48 hours or less to come back with a decision.

You have done a great job contacting the park management and corporate to ask if "they need any help or additional forms". Additionally I would be personally pissed and ask them point blank "if they are purposely trying to stand in your way". Another method I may take if alright with you and the buyer would be to move the buyer in without park approval. This may not be favorable or recommended by anyone else on this site however in the real world as long as the buyer is eventually approved (or not in some parks) and the lot rent is paid the park will do little to get this buyer out because they didn't follow the move-in timeline.

Let us know what happens please.

Talk soon,

John Fedro

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