Wichita thieves steal entire kitchen (Clayton Homes)

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It really doesn't make a lot of sense (or cents) for a burglar to steal laminate counter tops and low end cabinetry.... especially considering how much damage they did to the cabinets and counter top on the way. The appliances are the only thing of value that they made away with.

We actually have a park down the street from there. It's not a bad neighborhood at all.

Speaking of not making sense, we once had someone steal the top off of a coin operated dryer, out of a laundry room, at some apartments we had. It probably took them over an hour to get into the coin box, if they ever did. All for less than $5 worth of quarters. They worked for less than minimum wage.

No it doesn't make rational sense. However, you are talking about an irrational problem. Chances are, they are looking for $5-10 bucks for their next high.

Thanks for posting this @Rachel H.

That's sad and frustrating that some people go to these lengths to "make" a couple hundred bucks.

In most of my homes I will remove the appliances while they are vacant. When I have an interested party I let them know appliances will be included for a full price offer.

Thanks again for posting.

All the best,

John Fedro

I wonder what your street cred is in prison when you're convicted of dastardly acts against a double wide?

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