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Anyone have any expertise in mobile home investing pros cons??

Hi Barshay,

Glad to see your interested in learning more about mobile homes. There are many pros and cons for this type of investing. A complete list of pros and cons would ultimately be determined on how much time you have, capital you have to invest with, and your desired exit strategy. We could talk about each pro or con for hours, which would no doubt lead to more questions and thoughts arising with each question answered.

With all that said use the link above that Damon referenced and also type in "Mobile homes" in the search box of BiggerPockets as I know there are many articles outlining some very good information about MHs, and their pros and cons. If you have any specific MH investing questions don't hesitate to ask either.

Hope this helps.

All the best,

John Fedro

Hi Barshay,

To me, they have a lot of advantages: Small amount of money to purchase with very high cash flow. Easier to find, maybe, with less competition for them. Cost of repair materials lower. Low risk, since you're investing a very small amount of money compared to SFHs.

Then there are disadvantages: possibly lower quality tenants, lower quality homes.

For me personally, I think the biggest pro is the flexibility - there's a lot you can do with mobile homes since they are in fact mobile. Some may see that as a con but I see it as a pro.

With other classes of real estate (i.e. single family homes, apartment buildings, etc.), you're kind of stuck with it where it sits. Mobile homes have the flexibility to stay where they are or be moved (i.e. park, piece of land, etc.).

As far as the cons go, they may not be built with the highest grade of materials which does reflect the lower price point. Though, they have been a reliable source of affordable housing for many generations of homeowners in the past and the years to come.

Hope that helps!

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