How to search for Mobile Home Parks

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Hello all,

I like this community. So much good information.

My question is, what is the best way to search for mobile home parks? The main MHP websites, google, google maps, trulia, zillow, ect are good but only provide the big parks with lots of sites. Kind of out of my price range.

I am looking to start small, with small amount of sites (1 to 20). My main issue is finding those parks. I have tried looking through county assessor websites, but those are tough without the specific addresses. They would be good once I FOUND something and wanted more information, but not for the initial find. 

Anybody else have some good online search ways to find these?

Thank you for the help.

loopnet,, craigslist are good places.  


I used the others before, but never used Loopnet. WOW! This is exactly what I was looking for.

You have to play around with the filters a bit, but this is perfect. Thank you so much.


Just a little tidbit.  You can use in order to find mobile homes/mobile home parks that are on Craigslist.  Instead of having to go to each individual Craigslist site, you can go to this one site and it pulls from all of these sites.  Just enter your zip code, then the amount of miles that you are willing to travel and you have a great way to find of any MHP or MH that are For Sale.  Hope this helps!  


I am about to use that website right now! Awesome!

I use loopnet, mobile home park store (dot com), craigslist as well- but I have recently had the best luck using Realtor's. Here is how I do it. I contact 2 agents in each town / metro area. So I look at a state- say Kansas. I then Identify every town with a population of at least 500. Then I sort the list into continuous metro areas- with some towns being their own metro area. I contact 2 agents in each area- one commercial and one residential. I ask each to search for a mobile home park within the specs I am looking for. In a State like Kansas I will identify about 400 contacts with agents. This is a email process. If I blast out 400 emails I will get about 20 parks- of which maybe 1 or 2 are of interest. I blast out no more than 1000 emails a week so I can review and track the leads. If you do this- you will find a park in short order. Agents seem to know people, that know people and they root out the deals that are not listed, or listed locally and not nationally. 

I tell the agents in the email I am looking for local listings, not ones off the sources I have access too and search anyway. I track the list of agents in spreadsheets for each state. 

there are web sites that will break down each city in a state by population, then if you search for each city, you can group it by region. When searching for agents you can use key words like- "mobile home park" to filter up agents that might have some experience in the field your looking in. 

like what Jim Johnson mentioned a lot of MHPs are off-market. The best deals are often known by agents in the area that specialize in the niche and usually shown to their best clients first. 

Source: I'm a MHP broker in AZ 

So here is how my email would look... 


Jim Johnson here. I am a active mobile home park investor, with communities in 4 states. I am seeking parks with at least 35 sites, and few to zero RV pads. I like public water and sewer, but I will look at private systems. Parks needing TLC are great to send, and I have crews to renovate homes and infrastructure. I cap out at about 200 pad sites. I am not needing to 1031 to complete a purchase. I have access to inventory, and also to Loopnet. I am most interested in local listings and any pocket listings you might discover. I am willing to protect you on any listings you send, that I have not been sent by another source. 

Feel free to contact me if you find a park that fits my needs.


Jim Johnson

(insert contact info here)

Some parks are not listed. In the past, I've found many parks just by driving the local neighborhood. Hope that helps! 

Jim what states are you most active in? Have you worked with any M&M agents? Some of our stuff is listed publicly, while others are not. 

I have hear from some M&M agents in the past- but the properties were not what I was looking for. Most of the great deals are pocket listings, or listings that are not listed correctly. One park I have was listed on the residential MLS as a multi family apartment, and then they corrected the listing in the comments saying it was really a mobile home park. T hat said- I will work with anyone with a lead on a property.

I missed part of the question- I look in all the states west of a line drawn from about Michigan down to the tip of the Florida panhandle. In general- no more than a 3 hour flight from Denver. I really like the mid west states.

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