Purchasers must apply for and be approved to reside within our Community

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After listening to @john Federo podcast, I've been watching CL for mobile home price trends in my area.  I've noticed several ads for mobile's have a statement along the lines of "Purchasers must apply for and be approved to reside within our Community".  This seems like a Fair Housing violation.  Are there different rules for mobiles in a park?  I should clarify, these are often in "family" parks, and not 55+ parks.

Thanks in advance!

I think there a big difference between a mobile in a park and outside a park. To me when it's in a park it's almost as if there is an HOA or application process where the board has to like you or approve you somehow.

We have everyone who moves into our community fill out an application and we perform our due diligence check of their background, credit....  This is no different than a person trying to rent a home, I'm not going to rent to you if you have a history of non-payment or have been convicted of violent crimes.

An add that states that would be indicative that this is a home the park is offering for sale and most likely not a hot deal.  

when I read the ad, it seems as though the seller of the property is informing all interested buyers that part of the purchasing process includes being approved by the park or community in which they are purchasing the property. It wouldn't make sense to buy the mobile home to find out that your application for lot rent did not get approved. I don't think the ad is intended to come off as being discriminatory. 

Call the add and see if this is the park offering the home for sale of a FSBO.

There is a park in my area that will not rent to sexual offenders.  Background checks are required on all adults before lot will be rented.  Criminal is not a protected class.  

If the home being purchased stays in the park, it's common protocol for all prospective residents. Though, if the home is being moved out of the park it does not apply. 

Hope that helps! 

So here is a park owners perspective. I am renting a space much like I rent apartments. I require a resident to be fully approved prior to residing in my community. While I allow some limited rentals in my parks, the tenants of the landlords still must be approved. There are many reasons for this. The biggest things are- can they pay, do they understand the rules and regulations and will they comply, the rental history etc. I happen to be very investor friendly. If you own a home in my park and are renting it- I will require my manager to show it for you. If you are actively marketing it, or working on it, I do not charge you (investor) space rent. If it is just sitting there- well- you pay. This way you know I am motivated to get someone in the property- we share the upside when it is rented- I get my space rent and you get your rent... and we share the downside when you have picked a poor tenant and I have approved a poor tenant.  Anyway- that is how I do it- many park owners do not follow this model, but I do.

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