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Any mobile home or mobile park investors in the Dallas (DFW) area?  If so, lets connect.  Seems like there is a million single family investors in DFW but not a lot of mobile home investors.

I invest in M/Hs with land, no parks yet. 


I am interested and actively looking to invest in North east TX and around DFW area for MHP. Lets connect...



Hi John, I've got several mobile homes on land on the east side of DFW. Nice income, and land banking to boot. 

@Jon Klaus  could you email me some info on the mobile homes you have for sale?


I am not in town very often, but I own a mobile home park int he area and visit every few months. My park is close to Ft Worth, near Arlington. I am very investor friendly- fyi... 

Would MH investing offer a better long term ROI when buying up the land base and renting that out? It seems like the depriciation of a MH, which is similar to that of autos would lower your ROI rather than it appreciating like SFH.

I think owning the parks is a vary, very good long term return. That said- The Cash on Cash return generated off my mobile home deals is very hard to beat. On the bottom end I was at 40%, and well over 100% on the top side. The overall return was off the chart. If there was a downside it was you always needed to bring more online to replace the ones that were paying off. In general, they are both great investments. 

Hello Everyone,

Tony here. I am in Denton and very interested in investing in MH, more so in MHP's. I want my own kingdom(s) to play in also selling HM's.

I have a lot of business experience, and some real estate experience, but the MH really have my interest. Trying to figure out how to get my first one under my belt.

Drop me a line.


I am in Wise County just West of Ft Worth and Denton.  I really like MHs on land for their affordability and great cash flow ability. I am not so keen on parks because I am a buy and hold investor and the parks I have seen are in lets say not the nicest neighborhoods. 

All of my current properties are in Wise, but my parents and aunt have some doublewides on land in Tarrant and Parker.

I am in the process of moving two smaller doublewides onto a piece of land I own.  One is a 28x40 and the other a 28x52 both refurbished repos.  I probably paid more than most MH investors would but I am looking at them for long term rental cash flow and they will be paid for in 5 years while still being able to throw about $100 each in cash out a month over expenses and reserve that I can either pay extra on the loan or use for other investments.

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