Individual mobile home financing for a owner occupant

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Does anyone know of any lenders/banks offering financing on single mobile homes on a rented space for an owner occupant?   

Dodd Frank has killed off Lonnie deal lenders (private investors) in rented land parks.

You might look up the local mobile home sellers / brokers for who lends.  I have heard there is a year cut off that if the home is older than XXXX no lending..  

I'd like to know if you find a bank/lender because I'd like to call them for their foreclosure list for land-home properties in GA.

There used to be a lender called Loan Junction that did loans on mobiles.  I will have to Google it.

Vanderbilt Mortgage and 21st Mortgage both do.

There are many vendors out there, wish there were only a few it would make selecting one easier.  I'm actually also looking for a company and preferrably a single one that will provide all the loans in my park.  Below is a list of lenders that will provide chattel loans:

US Bank

Mountainside Financial

Oxford Bank & Trust

Precision Financial Corp

PNC Financial Services

Triad Financial Services

Let me know what you decide, some have returned my call and some haven't.  So far finding a lender hasn't been easy.

Sometimes the parks and the mobile home dealerships will have a list as well. Hope that helps! 

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