Mobile Home Park syndications/investment fund

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Can anyone recommend an investment group which focuses on Mobile Home Parks? I am interested in the product type, but not ready to invest in an entire park. I am a non accredited investor, FYI.

Also, would anyone recommend a "Lonnie deal" for a California mobile home? I have a feeling it is way more risk than some of the posts I am reading on BP are saying.

A little background on myself....I am a commercial real estate loan analyst at a commercial bank in S. California. I have financed multiple MHPs and like that the yields are better than if I invested in a B quality multifamily property. 

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I know Jefferson's partner and it sounds like they are doing good things with their fund.

I invest in the fund operated by Frank and Dave ( If you want the contact for that fund send me a message.

Thanks, Bruce

Hi Paul,

It's been almost a year since you posted your question.  We'd like to hear about the choices you made or actions taken concerning either investing in a fund or doing a "lonnie deal."

-Jason C.

Is anyone able to compare and contrast Park Street Partners to MHP Funds?

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