Direct mail for mobile home owners

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I have couple questions about direct mail marketing. 

  • Is it effective to direct mail mobile home owners in mobile home communities?
  • How or where can I get/buy list of mobile home owners on private land?, and the Post Office offer "all parties" in a neighborhood.  IE every house.  No need for a a list of addresses.

BTW read other threads about lonnie deals here.

There's so many other creative deal types that take zero or near zero cash I can't imagine why one would mail MH owners when you could be mailing low equity homes in nice neighborhoods for the purpose of buying subject to or lease - option that you';d turn around and put in a tenant lease option buyer.  There's 3 paydays in this deal type and little cash and no fooling around with Dodd Frank or MH renters if this is your exit.  Just offering easier deal types for you.

We do buy double wides on their own land.  These are great deals that we rent to own and owner fincance DF compliantly.  More cash true but we are looking for cash flow.

Curt, question for you, it looks from your post as though you aren't using Dodd Frank guidelines if you are putting in a tenant lease option buyer, is this correct?  I have seen a lot of debate from both sides, from lawyers to investors about this.  Where do you stand?

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