Renting a mobile home in a 55+ park

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that doesn't allow rentals in Oregon.

I'm looking for a way to take advantage of a nice, older single wide MH in a 55+ park.  I talked to the manager this morning who said they don't allow rentals in the park.

The owner was an older woman.  Her son moved her out of the MH into his home, telling the manager that he would agree to pay one month rent and, if the MH didn't sell, he would donate it to the park so he wouldn't have to pay rent beyond that.  The manager told me that he's not interested in managing a rental.  We talked about different alternatives.  I became aware that they did bend the rules in other areas.  The owner is new and is looking for ways to increase his income so I doubt that he'd want to see a space vacant while they renovated the MH to rent it.  

I'm considering returning and suggesting a solution to their problem is that they bend their rules.  In exchange, I'll take over payments of the space, renovate the MH, and rent it to tenants who meet their approval.  I'll agree to keeping the home to their standards at a minimum.

I've also considered buying it and moving it to a different park.  The manager addressed this saying that no mover would move the MH because of it's age.  

Does anyone have other ideas as a solution to this problem that I can get a MH very cheap but can't rent it out or move it (and is there really a problem with moving an older home?)?

Sounds like talking them into letting you rent it out is your best bet.  Are you getting a good deal on it?

How old is it?  I've moved a 26 year old home before with no problems.

WOW! Leslie, you have impressed me. In Sunny Florida, it is virtually impossible to get a professional mover to move an older MH.

It is also difficult to make money with Sandwich leases on mobile homes in parks, with high prevailing lot rents.

There may be lower hanging fruit.

?? Sandwich leases?  Who mentioned that? 

The MH I had moved was in Texas. 

The lowest price he quoted was $3750.  I suspect he'll go lower than that.  Renovation will be between $3-5000 depending on appliance replacements.  Space rental is $415.  

We went back to talk to the manager and it was apparent that he wants to make it work because it will mean much less work for him and keep the rent money coming in.  He'll give me a final answer tomorrow.  He said he wouldn't tell the owner(who's in CA) and his biggest concern was whether tenants would tell neighbors that they're renting and create a "why can't we" problem.

I believe that he'll give us the go ahead.

I don't know the age.  I'm guessing mid '70s.

I would think that it would be uninsurable.


I've been quoted $210 for insurance by Foremost.  We've been dealing with them since 2009.

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