Sub leasing/renting in Mobile/Manufactured Home lease/rent park communities.

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We buy in MH Parks where the park owner/managers will allow sub letting. However, rumor has it that MH park owners can no longer not allow sub-leasing. Anyone know anything about this? I've launched a search into the matter but can't seem to find anything anywhere about it.

I would be surprised if there was a national law that dictated how a MHP can run it's own business.  Many Townhomes, Condos and single family subdivisions have similar stipulations that units must be owner occupied.  If a law did exist it would be felt throughout the industry with MHP being a very small fraction affected by such a law.  

Omar, can't say I necessarily agree with that. Not sure it's a federal issue or that the FED can dictate to individual states or local municipalities about this. At least I've never seen anything from the FED to date. 

I think it's up to the specific MHP owner. I know in Leucadia where I own several rentals the city has no control over the MH Parks. They're run by the California Housing and Community Development Department (HCD). So it's up to the individual manager/owners to dictate rental rules and regs as long as they're in writing and given to every tenant as they sign a lease or rental agreement.

That stated, the City of Leucadia (Encinitas) does have specific ordinances regarding vacation rentals outside of MH Park Communities.  Just saying............

There was nothing obvious in the 2014 Mobile Home Residency Law (other than the medical exemption) and I didn't see anything at Might want to give them a call on Monday. There are some other organizations listed at the bottom of this page that may be useful: I think in San Jose you loose the rent control in perpetuity for that space, which if it has it will devalue the home, often substantially.

Mark B, no doubt about it. As the industry adage goes..............."The higher the rent the lower the value of the home".


I've always found it was up to the park owner. That being said, I've found that parks that allow only owner occupied homes generally are nicer. I have been flipping homes in parks for over a decade so nicer parks with higher home values are an important consideration for me.


I've found that the bigger houses always sell the best - even at a higher price. 

No doubt about it Jerry.  I've been in the biz as a general, manufactured home contractor, dealer, real estate broker and developer and have found that not only bigger homes but resident owned communities as well.

That stated I own several in lease/rent park communities as well albeit they're in the path of progress, i.e. coastal beach areas, mountain, lake, river communities, etc. There's some old toilet parks out there that I wouldn't touch if you gave them to me.

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