Has anyone gone to a Mobile Home University 3-day "boot camp"?

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I'm seriously considering doing the one in Orlando this month and I want to hear testimony from others as to whether or not it's worth it. I've heard that it is, but before I drop the cash to go I want to be sure.

Also, if anyone has any tips to get the most out of the experience, please share. Thanks!


I have heard good things about it, but have not attended myself.  I know investors who actively invest in mobile parks as a result of the tax advantages.  Land improvements get a 15 year life versus 27.5 for residential real estate. 

I think they hold the seminars every month or two, so if you decide to hold off the next one will come around soon!

I take it you are referring to the Frank and Dave bootcamp, correct?   Have you taken their audio course yet?  If not, you should do that first.  I don't like gurus and I have nothing to do with them, but Frank and Dave's course was really good.  Haven't bought a mobile home park and probably never will, but I was really impressed with the material and insight.

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Is the audio course the $597 24 CD set?

How is their book for just a basic overview of what goes into evaluating a mobile home park? I sent out some mailers trying to buy individual mobile homes and 2 different park owners called me and seemed at least a bit interested in selling their parks. I don't really know much about entire parks except I really want to own a couple one day.

Highly, strongly recommend. Not only for prospective buyers but people who already own parks even. I don't like gurus either but this is a specialty niche and Frank is amazing. Somehow he always finds the time to talk to me, answer my e-mails etc. He's a workaholic who has a passion for the industry. Honestly, I had a blast at the camp simply networking and talking shop which was worth the price of admission alone. Franks presentation and stories are hilarious. It was just fun as hell. Once you go once you can attend later for a nominal fee. I intend to go again.

There is no upsell, they give you everything. Frank is a no BS no nonsense straight talking guy to a fault. You can probably manage to buy using his 10/20 book and his due diligence manual which should only set you back 100 bucks. Whatever you do, at least do that. But after that you'll probably want to go anyway. I used their contract, have used their leases as a template (reviewed by attorney) and went from knowing jack to being able to buy/own and operate a park intelligently. I bought the park using the materials and attended the camp later myself.

If you buy the course will pay for itself many times over. I've listened to hundreds of hours of Frank's archived call in show going back years (he still does it every week) that they include and you learn something every show. The resources and amount if info you get are awesome. I hate to sound like a salesman for him but honestly they offer a ton of info for free (Frank is active on their forum and answers any one's questions openly) there are no gimmicks, and everything is up front so no, I don't consider Frank a guru in a negative sense.    

I also highly recommend it.  It ALL content and no upsell.  Your hea will be overflowing and you can't beat the networking.  If anything, the course is too dense but they are trying to cover everything they have and do.  

I've seen where they have done some shorter, less expensive Intro type weekends but the 3 day event is well worth it.

Agreed. It would actually work better as a four day course or break up the owner/operator and purchasing parts. I had spent countless hours going through the materials before I attended so when I went it was digestible. But if someone who knows little to nothing it's a Boot Camp indeed.

First, I know both Frank and Dave personally, albeit Frank far better than Dave. In full disclosure, they have been customers of our in the past on seller finance issues. In further disclosure we do not always agree on everything. Finally, Frank bought a park I had been after for years and had given up on. I'm chagrined that he got it and I didn't.

Frankly, I have been skeptically about "boot camps" for years, but the earliest boot camps I heard about were run by someone else. My main reason for skepticism was based on the idea that no one could learn in four days what they need to know to locate, select, purchase, and operate a manufactured housing community and that was what I was led to believe boot camps were promising.

My attitude has changed drastically. Here is why:

  • I have a retainer client whose family has owned and operated manufactured housing communities for years that attended their boot camp and has been lavish in his praise of the value of their offering. Because he is a retainer client, we deal with him on a regular basis and know full well that he is frugal with his money and not inclined to praise anything but extraordinary results.
  • Because our company started doing workshops in 2009, I have learned a great deal about how they must be constructed and the huge expense it takes to put them on. I also know how much effort has to go in to accomplish what is promised. Those offering workshops (as opposed to seminars) must not only have the technical expertise, but they must also have the ability to develop the curriculum and to make sure the instructors and materials actually teach what needs to be taught.
  • I have also learned how little most people actually know about whatever specific area they are interested in and the problems of dealing with what they believe they know and have come to understand the importance of workshops as a prelude to hard core consulting. Until a prospective client has enough knowledge from which to make worthwhile decisions, they are going to just waste time and money while often making terrible decisions. Workshops allow them to learn what they don't know and discard what they believe that is actually wrong so they can move into real learning.

Based on what I now know, I have reversed my feelings about boot camps - at least for the ones run by Frank and Dave. If you have an interest, you should do it. Remember that they are operating from real world experience as well. They actually own and operate many communities, and as a bonus, they are both very smart guys and sharp operators.

I went last November for the second time. First time around was a few years ago under the previous owner/instructors. Frank does an excellent job of teaching the material. He's down to earth and very knowledgeable about the subject. You won't regret going.

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@George N.  mentioned his 10/20 book...has anyone else read it? How is it for the basics? $600 is a lot to drop on an audio course, but the book might be a good first step.

They did tell me if you buy the audio course they will credit the $600 to the boot camp, which is nice.

Originally posted by @Eric F. :

@George N.  mentioned his 10/20 book...has anyone else read it? How is it for the basics? $600 is a lot to drop on an audio course, but the book might be a good first step.

They did tell me if you buy the audio course they will credit the $600 to the boot camp, which is nice.

 Honestly, if $600 seems like a lot of money to you for an audio course, given all the recommendations here, please do not spend the money on the course or anything else that might start you in business. It will be a waste of money for you.

@Ken Rishel I bought the course about 5 months ago...I got it off amazon used. It is great. I'm not actively in the MHP market at the moment but I got a lot of good knowledge. If I owned a mobile home park or was about to buy one I'd be in their next boot camp!

I guess that's the conundrum I should have allowed a caveat for. If I was just casually looking to buy a park I probably wouldn't spring the $2500 or so unless I was dead set on buying one. It's dang tough to find a good park at a decent cap rate right now, especially the quality type Frank recommends. If someone is just interested and browsing the 10/20 book and due diligence books are a good start. But even if you attend and never buy the principles taught are applicable in the entire multifamily space and it's just a good time overall. I intend to go again. Anyone who owns a park or owns and wants another should just go, you'll make the money back many times over from tips you'll pick up and you'll join a community of knowledgeable supporters.

Just to clear the air once more (because of some private communications), my comment to @Eric F was not meant to be nasty, nor do I receive any compensation from Frank and Dave.

I was expressing frustration with someone hesitating over the purchase of materials from a source that gets many recommendations here and what I consider to be a small amount of money for the educational material offered. From practical experience I also know that certain types of individuals will try to gain information for free that those offering it have put plenty of their own time and resources into developing. Many of those same people will never pull the right triggers for success. Based on that experience and what I thought was being said, I suggested not buying the educational material as a better solution. 

Just as it is a huge mistake not to invest time and money in learning what one doesn't know regarding a business venture, it is just as much a mistake to invest here and there in an education that will never be used. We (RCG) have encountered this every now and then with people attending some of our broader workshops, and we hate it. Our real hope is that people attending our workshops will get specific knowledge that will improve their earnings. Toward that end, we try to screen prospective attendees to be as sure as possible they are going to benefit from attending. That was the reason for my comment.

Our industry is a small and profitable one, but it is important to remember there are many road to success. While I (now) respect Frank and Dave for what they have accomplished, their methods (for the most part) are not mine, and not the methods that many of my friends or clients utilize. There are other points of view and methods for purchasing and operating manufactured housing communities. That does not make them wrong, any more than it makes others wrong. In the end, the success of the entity (both short and long term) is the only real measure that counts.

My 18 year old son and I took the boot camp in Las Vegas in June 2016. Frank is amazing. He has got to be the most knowledgeable person I know about mobile home park buying and management. We toured three of the parks they own in Vegas. One they just bought and hadn't fixed up yet and two that were already polished. Many of the attendees owned mobile home parks and I learned much from them. It was so packed with information I would like to take it again. In fact one of the attendees I spoke with was taking it the second time.   The class was especially important for me because I have invested $300k with their investment funds and wanted to make sure I was in good hands. While on the bus to the mobile home park I got to sit next to and talk with the person who is in charge of fixing up their mobile home park. His knowledge blew me away. 

I attended.  I was able to buy a park and tryingto buying more.  I am skeptical of most gurus but this was worth every penny for me.  I have had a few conversations with Frank in the months after the boot camp.  He was able to give me valuable information during those conversations when I was pursuing parks.

This seems to be a resurrected thread.

I attended their boot camp.   It is packed full of information.  You will get your money out of it if you are interested in this type of investment.  I have not purchased a park as of yet but now I know how to evaluate a MHP deal.  If one were to meet my criteria I feel that I am not going in blind.

Sorry I'm late in responding to this. But Frank Rolfe is the most knowledgeable mobile home park person in the world. The boot camp is all content and zero upsell. It is the most underpriced workshop in real estate by a landslide. With their help, I was able to acquire and turn around a mobile home park that was bleeding money into a cash-flowing cow. They have every single thing you could ever need when trying to buy, turnaround, or sell a park. Great people too.