Your Tenants Boyfriend is a Felon!

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How good is the tenant? Do you know what the felony is for? I understand your concern but being a felon doesn't always mean the person would be someone that is a danger. I would talk to the tenant & get more information. It isn't unreasonable to ask if you expect he will be spending considerable time there.. 

The best possible scenario is that he's still on parole.  Ask for the parole officers name and number.  You'll never have trouble from this renter.

Probably not on parole...   I always chat with the renters as the landlord/owner.  I never found it useful to say I'm just the manager.  I always got better info when they realized I was the decision maker not just some shirt. 

Ask:  How long are you planning on staying?  Do you pay your bills?  Have you ever been evicted.  Then use to credit check and verify paying bills and evictions etc.

Be honest, you just want the rent paid every month, no trouble, nothing damaged, for them to stay 5 or more years.  Felony or not you just need reasonable things from you (talking to the couple).

Why do you want to live in this place?  I nix them if they say cheapest, like the decor etc.  I want to hear: near my <relative> or near work or keep my kid in xxx school.  Something that won';t change on a whim.

Regardless of felon on or not these answers are the same answers you will be basing a rent / no-rent decission on.

I resist offers of alot of cash or paying rent in advance.  That's an automatic no for me.  

They need to have verified income (you call the boses and trick them into answering what the job / company is to root out friends posing as bosses).  Don';t trust pay stubs.  Here in Atlanta I see in CL ads offers for fake pay stubs.  LOL ingenious.

Make sure their last address on your rental app is the same as listed in or they are probably skipping out on their last landlord.  Call the previous landlords, no exception.  If a house, drive by and look at the yard.

Walk the couple out to their car, look in side. for me it HAS to be CLEAN.  I like old, can be dented but has to be clean.  The inside of their car is how your apartment will look in a few months.

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