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Hi, I am a new investor and looking to gather a bit of information about the conversion of mobile homes to FHA approvable properties. First I have looked up the requirements for the foundations on the FHA lending website but I was wondering if anyone has had any success with doing this before? What does the time line for such a project entail and what are some considerations to be aware of when doing such? Also, what is the typical pricing for such a project within the SouthEast region? I know this is dependent on a lot of factors but wanted to know anyones experiences. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Christine Tolbert

There's only a few, 2 that I know of lenders on mobile homes. Vangard ??? (VFM) and another. I don't want to say forget a FHA insured lender, but I believe it's a waste of time. Modular homes are still in a too risky asset class.

As far as converting a land deed + mobile home title (personal property) I know GA has a process for retiring the MH title so the home + land are now real property.  Just a filing fee of some nominal amount and some time.

@Curt Smith           I have a few more mobile home lenders.

21st Mortgage


Community West

CRM Funding


Manufactured Home Mortgage


Don't do it.  I've seen several mobiles that were remodeled, had additions, and resided, yet they are still mobiles at heart.  The steel frame is a give away.

Mobiles and double wides are built to HUD standards

Stick built and modular are built to BOCA standards.

They are not the same and if you want a BOCA house, start with a BOCA house.

The last mobile that I had I offered people $2,000 to take it away.  I would PAY them, and it was a 1989 with pitched shingle roof and vinyl siding.  Nobody wanted it even with me giving them $2,000.

That should tell you something. 

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