Mobile Home Investing in California

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Hi Everybody,
I'm new to this forum, but I glad I found it. Michelle I'm sorry, but I'm the mobile home QUEEN of California HE! HE!
I have been listing and selling mobile home in San Diego County for 13 yrs. about 4 yrs. ago I decided to venture out of San Diego to a town about an hour and a half away and found some really, really good mobile home deals from $2,000 - $4,000. my husband and I fixed them up and resold them immediately and made some great, great pofits. We stopped fixing and selling them about a year ago because we both had full time jobs. Now that I am not working, I want to get back into buying and selling them again, any takers?
Here is a example of what I did, the first one I bought (the guy wanted out bad, it as in a beautiful senior mobile home park) we took it off his hands for $14,000. fixed it up immediately and sold it for $34,000. the second one I bought was $1,500. and sold it for $6,000. then another one for $3,000. and sold it for $12,000. all cash and so on & so on. I made about $50,000. in less then 5 month not bad.

That is pretty good return. What are some of the key things your look for in mobile home investment?

Is there land lease?

Is there a clause on how long you must hold onto the property? sorry new to mobile home investing.

Hi CoCo.

Thanks for sharing your past experience. Glad to have you here on the forums. This is a great place to learn, network, share your wisdom, and help others that need assistance.

All the best,

John Fedro

Hi @CoCo Schafer

I live in the So Cal area as well, and I have some cash saved up, I'm looking to invest outside of Cali into single family houses, but doing some research on mobile homes investing within Cali as well. Because although it's near impossible to do single family homes here in Cali, mobile homes seem like a real possibility but I'm always very iffy about manufactured properties because it's hard to rent them out and I'm not much of a flipper myself.

I am intrigued by what you have done and since I am in the area I would love to meet up and talk joint venture on something like this.