Need advice - NV Mobile

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My mother owns a mobile home in Vegas, wants to sell it and buy a cheap home in Pahrump, NV.  She estimates her Mobile to be worth about $20K (1996).  House in Pahrump she can pickup for $20k.

I've heard about people buying Mobiles in NV and selling in CA for a profit, but that sounds like it could be a nightmare.

I'm thinking about financing the Pahrump house for her until her Mobile in Vegas sells.

I know very little about either the Vegas or Pahrump markets.  Any advice on the best way to proceed?  Any opportunities I may be missing?

@Mike Van Kleeck , I've never moved a mobile home that far but here are some things to think about. First, if you can get it here you probably can sell it for much more. The age of the home will be the first and most important factor. Many parks will not allow older homes in their parks. The deciding age on that is 1976, most of the time, when HUD put requirements on mobile homes. So, if it's not to old the next consideration will be the cost to move the home. It will be about 300 miles and that could be very expensive. Google mobile home movers Vegas and see what you find and start making some calls. I'm in San Diego County and there are mobile home parks all over the county and I can help you find a park if you find that it will be worth the investment. Send me a message if I can help.