Transferring a title!

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Thank you guys for all the wonderful advice and knowledge that I have been able to learn from all your guys' posts! It's been extremely motivating. 

With that said, I live in California and I'm about to close on my first mobile home within the next couple days! Our plan is to fix it up, and then eventually move into a much more desirable location to then sell it. I'm really nervous though about making sure there are no liens or back taxes, etc are on the property... so how do I go about making sure there are no worries in this department? I can't do a title search can I? Or do I assume that if they have the title that there are no liens on it whatsoever since this is more of a DMV thing than it is real estate?

@Brandon Brown

You are on the correct path in your thinking that it is a DMV thing but there can still be a lien put on the actual title.  Did you ever check to make sure about what taxes are due?  Not sure how it is in your state but mobile homes and real estate are paid a year in arrears and upon transfer of title on a mobile home the taxes have to be paid current which would mean the all of 2014 taxes have to be paid and all of 2015 taxes as well.  A lot of times people think they are current, which they usually are sort of, but in actuality they might have part of 2014 yet to pay or they may be paid up to date but they actually will owe you the prorated  portion of 2015.  

Back to your question, what I would do is get a title number or a copy of the title and call the county and see what the tax situation is and also if there is any liens on the title.  They should know all that info.  That is what I would do.  Hope that helps.