Need advice on advertised MH deal

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I came across a mobile home on craigslist, which seems pretty good. I have attached a link to the ad below. The home is located in a family MH park. It is close to where I live, so I know it's in a very good area that is already familiar to me. The home is advertised as a fixer upper. I have not been to the home yet, but the pictures show a home with basic cosmetic work. I am thinking that I could do a live-in flip on this one. Perhaps do a Lonnie Deal (Dodd Frank friendly), upon completion of fix up I think that the home is reasonably priced, for it's condition and location. Once it's rehabbed, it could sell for twice or three times it's purchase price. Unfortunately, I do not have any way of funding such a purchase. Would any experienced investors have any ideas on how I could attempt to purchase this home using alternate means?  Here is a link to the ad...

Any thoughts or ideas are appreciated.

so you don't have the 8500?  Do you know what fixed up, updated, mobile homes are selling for? If not, that's your first thing to find out. Get on Internet or realtor that may specialize in that mobile home comunities.. Than work backwards. What they are selling for- the expensed to bring it up to that standard-the profit you want to make=your offer. It is that simple. That's a flip concept and not buy and hold...Gl.