Finding offline MHP's for sale

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Has anyone had any luck finding mobile home parks for sale by cold calling park owners/managers?  I have been actively looking via online sources such as mobilehomeparkstore, craigslist, loopnet...etc and there is hardly anything in my area.

I spent a day driving by some parks and that has been time consuming and the tenants aren't very fond of outsiders.

Any advice is much appreciated.

You need to contact brokers that work in your area. 

I am also working on it so cannot speak from experience, only theory, if there's a park you are interested you need to find in the records who owns it, and contact the owner either by mail or phone. You definitely do not talk to tenants or even park manager.

MHP Store has a list of brokers by states.  

@Thang Cao  If you do not have a list of all parks around you, the first step is to create one. The next step is to find owner's address or phone number. You can use tax assessor website to find owners name and address. Then there are two options either send the owner direct mail or call an experienced broker and tell him/her about your interest to buy the park.

Read Charlie DeHart comments here:

When I was very heavily involved year ago, I developed my own parks. Today, I only invest in existing parks. While I recommend a number of brokers I trust and value to others looking to buy parks, I personally rely on relationships I have developed over the years to find the parks I am interested in buying, as do many successful mid sized to large operators.

Frank & Dave teach techniques for building these relationships through their Boot Camps and other materials. If you haven't explored their courses, you should. While I do not necessarily agree with all of their management philosophies, no one can deny they are successful and one of the fastest growing community groups in the country.