How can you aquire Vacant or Abandoned Mobile Homes?

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Good morning to all. I have recently come across 2 mobile homes that seem to be in very good shape. The doors were locked so I was unable to fully get a look on the inside but from what I could see its in nice shape.

My questions are, how do I go about actually acquiring them when the owners have been gone for a month +. None of the neighbors have seen them nor do they have a contact number for them. Do I need to head to the county tax office?

My second question is, if it is vacant weather in a park or on private land and the electric, sewage and water are all disconnected, do I as an investor pay for all of that to be hooked up again just to make sure everything works? I understand needing to check things thoroughly but would that hookup cost be pretty expensive?

Thank you for any advice, have a very merry xmas everyone! 

go to the courthouse(the physical address or the website) and see where the taxes are being mailed. Also find out if it has the axel. If it does, you'll need to go to the DMV if it doesn't you can go to the property records. You should also check the Deed to see if the land and the home are connected and if they are owned by the same person. 

I'm not sure about the second question. Maybe some one more qualified could answer. 

If the homes are in a park, usually the park manager/owner will know the story. This is the quickest way to get to the owner. If not, the neighbors are your best bet. Researching tax records can help, if the taxes are being paid. Good luck! 

@Samson Taylor  

If it's not in a park, look it up online at the county site. You can look up by address the appraised value and owner on record. It might show a different address too. Also from there, there is a link to the tax bill records. Check there for a different address too. Mail them a letter or try looking them up on Facebook and send them a message. 

Good luck. I'm local in the area if you have any questions. What area are the homes in.