Fixing Up a Mobile Home

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Hello!  I am in the process of looking at mobile homes to purchase.  I have not done a rehab yet.  I am going to look at a home tomorrow that needs kitchen cabinets and appliances.  There is also one window that needs to be replaced and some carpet to be replaced.  What is the most cost effective way to have this work completed? 

@Melissa K. I would say the most cost effective way to get the work done without doing it yourself, would be to find a local handyman. Also if the home is in a park there usually will be a lot of people with construction and remodeling experience living nearby. Just ask the manager if they might have someone in mind.

If you're not in a rush, go visit some parks and ask around if there is a handyman who works on the homes and give him a call. He could do it on the side since it's just one home. If not someone living in the park is bound to give you a friend or family member who does construction work.

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@Melissa K. Hi Melissa, If it were me, I'd look on Yelp and Craigslist for cabinets and casework, find a few people that have good reviews, and get proposals from them for the cabinets (at least 3). There is a lot of difference in cabinet quality, so make sure you are comparing products that are built the same way. (Plywood cases rather than particle board will cost more and last a whole lot longer - but you will want to consider whether this is a flip, a buy & hold, or your own place). 

Once you know who you want to use for the cabinets, that person will probably have someone that he can recommend for the appliances. You'll want to keep the appliances in the same places to avoid re-routing your utilities (unless the layout is just terrible).

I would take a similar approach for the flooring. Look on Yelp for flooring stores that get good reviews and go there in person to see what they have in the way of remnants or close-outs that will work for you. They can advise you on the value & quality. They will either there own installers or installers that they contract the work out to. 

Check Craigslist for carpenters or a handyman to install the window. You may need to custom order it to get the size right. Have the carpenter do your measuring to be sure you get it right!