Heat Tape for Mobile Homes

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@Andriy Boychuk , we've used heat tape in the winter on some outside lines- but heat tape isn't insulation, it's for active heating(I'm sure you know that already.) If you have lines that are outside, I'd use the highest R-value pipe covering and maybe a bit of heat tape as well(we use this.). Heat tape is just a resistive heating element, I don't think one is better than any other. On our outside lines, we've put heat tape under the pipe insulation. 

If your lines are indoor in well-insulated space, I'd still go with the higher R-value stuff- why not spend a few extra bucks if it'll help reduce the risk of freeze-burst damage, which can be extremely costly? If the space is well-insulated, you generally shouldn't need to use a heating element on indoor pipes, assuming the space is heated of course.

Originally posted by @Andriy Boychuk :

What heat tape can you recommend to insulate water lines?

 We use mostly the one piece rubber coated tape with thermostats as opposed to the rolls of metal tape which must be fitted with the two ends.

Remember, heat tape wears out and thermostats fail so constant checking is a must. There is also the issue of making sure the tape is actually plugged in before it gets cold as residents often fail to do that in the fall.

We install freeze alarms on all the homes we finance.

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