Advice regarding buy and sell of Mobile Homes in Louisiana

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My spouse and I are researching buying and selling affordable mobile homes. We live in Covington, Louisiana. We called the Louisiana Manufactured Housing Commission and from what I understand, we need a RETAILER’S LICENSE. Biggest time hurdle for that is the requirement of "One (1) year experience as a salesman." 

Anyone actively buying and selling mobile homes in the $5K - $10K price range here in Louisiana? Would love some state specific advice on how to quickly get started. 

Amy and Pablo 

@Pablo Mendez From the wording of the document, it seems to pertain to "manufacturers." I'd check with your local manufacturing housing association. Surely there are resellers in the state who are not in the manufacturing business. Good luck! 

Did you tell them it's for used mobile homes? I believe you would need a dealers license. 

I had one back in 2005 and no sales time was required back then. 

You were allowed to buy and sell up to 3 per year back then as well under your personal name but you had to record the transfer at the dmv and pay taxes when you put in your name.  Then the buyer would pay taxes again on transfer.

With a dealers license you sign back of title on purchase as dealer then buyer signs when you resell and you do not record the transfer to yourself at dmv. It works like an assignment sort of.

Jeff V