Help on Rented Mobile Home Spaces-Wholesale

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I received a phone call from one of my direct mailers from a seller that doesnt want to sell the property that I mailed him on, but he does want to sell five rented mobile home spaces that he has.

I have no clue on wholesaling a mobile home space as all of my experience has just been on wholesaling houses.

These are in Burleson, TX.

Any and all help is appreciated



I might be interested in buying them, if I could get more info. 

@Robert S. Find out why the seller wants to sell. Usually, if the seller is motivated they'll be able to provide you with all the information you need to make a decision. There should be a "folder" with what they have on the property. Good luck! 

@Robert S. Whats your progress on the mobile home? I just got a call from a seller today that wants to sell.  

I would be interested in the mobile homes spaces.  If you could either private message me who you passed it off to.  Depending on location, I could be a buyer.  Thanks

Awesome, were you able to receive some kind of wholesale fee? 

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