Wholesaling A Mobile Home

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Hello BP,

I just received a call today from a seller that inherited a mobile home in PA and wants to sell it.  I'm not to familiar with this because I usually deal with houses.  Anyone familiar with how I would handle this situation? 

i'd love to look at the deal. send me the details.

@Kirk Bausch as soon as I get all the details, I’ll send them right over to you. Anything particular you need to know?

@Justin Westmoreland Be sure you're talking to the person who has the power to sell. When it comes to estates, usually there's an executor or administrator handling the process. Also, you want to make sure all heirs (if any) are on the same page. Good luck! 

@Rachel H. Yes the person I talked to is the executor of the estate, not sure if the other siblings are on the same page, that will definitely be a question I’ll ask in the future. Thanks! 

justin-i sent you a note on yoru sellmyhouse site. thx

Please contact me, I am actively looking for a MHP in PA

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