Manufactured Home Skirting & FHA's New Guidelines

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Help! Is a manufactured home the same as what they say about a boat? (The only day that's better than the day you bought it is the day you sell it..) So my manufactured home that was my rental has been completely destroyed by tenants. I was left with basically a shell. They laughed at me and said, "You will never find us." I even have to replace the sub floor because it was soaked with dog pee and rotted away. I am desperately trying to fix it and put it on the market, and was just hit with yet another challenge. Does anyone know the details of new FHA guidelines for skirting? The website says skirting now has to be backed with plywood. Will pressed board do? What if the skirting is that concrete or masonry type? Do I still need plywood? And am I supposed to cut vents in this plywood? Also, does anyone know a reliable contractor in east San Antonio? The one I have only shows up twice a week or so and I dont even live in the state where it's at, so Im in trouble here.

I have a good contractor he’s a bit expensive but good and reliable licensed and insured. PM if you want contact info.

@Brenda Whittaker If you're working with a lender, you may need to comply with those FHA guidelines. I don't think it's an issue if you're home is paid off. Only if the community and/or city says something about it.

I've done subfloor work on fixups. It takes time. Repair the areas that need attention. Having a good and honest contractor definitely helps. If you're interested in learning more, I wrote a book on this exact subject.

Good luck! 

Thank you Rachel. I am selling the house, so it has to be FHA compliant for any new buyer, unless they have cash of course which isnt likely. I have to know what the guidelines are for skirting and I cant find any answers. I need to know if it has to be plywood backed. Of course at FHA they say, they are not allowed to interpret the script. SMH

Thank you Joe, I sent you a connect request. 

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