Individual water meters

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Is it legal to meter each pad even when the park is on a well system? I know you can’t profit when you are on public water, you can only pass through the bill. This park is on a private well, so can I meter each home and just charge what our PWSD charges?

@Robert Naucke Jr If private, you may be able to. Have heard of other parks doing this to their tenants. Though, you may get into trouble if the water charges are too high. Some parks have a reputation for charging high water fees with private water. Confirm with your local city ordinance for more info. Good luck! 

Yeah idk if you found you answer yet but you can just charge the local municipal rate . your on a private system so you can charge what you want but we normally mirror what the nearest public utility charges. 

Let me know if you have any more questions on billing. We bill for over 10,000 units a month. 

Well, it has to be in the lease so on a re-up.  I guess if you have to pay $X month for water and can pro-rate that for each unit with a meter AND there is NO common water (like sprinklers) I don't see why not.  Do keep good records just in case a tenant challenges how much they are paying.