I bought a Mobile Home To live in the park I live in.

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I bought a mobile home in a park I live in already. As recently as a day or two ago, my attorney has been telling me that Richard doesn’t want to rent to me. This is unacceptable, because I live in the park in another Mobile Home. Richard, as the representative of the Mobile Home Park, continues to ignore the fact that I am the owner of the Mobile Home in Space 21. He and the lady who was living in it are acting as though I do not exist. The lady, I believe both Richard and her have committed perjury in your Court The lady was evicted. I should be allowed to live in my Mobile Home. This has gone on far too long.

Because I was unable to make either the managers or their attorney understand that I am the current owner of the Mobile home I hired an attorney. My attorney told me that he and their attorney were going to file eviction papers against the occupants of the Mobile Home. the attorney agreed (at least I was told so by my attorney).

The Defendant, was giving me a hard time. She was putting signs on the windows of the Mobile Home accusing me of being a “bad person” and claiming that I was stealing her home. Also, she threaten to put cement down the drains and to burn the place down. I went to the office to tell manager what she was threatening to do. 

manager said she would evict her and that I could bid on the Mobile Home at auction if I wanted to buy back the Mobile Home. I told the managers that there was no way I would be made to buy something I own already. A couple of weeks later I asked the man manager for his attorney’s name and phone number. He gave it to me, but asked no questions. I called his attorney immediately, but he took two weeks to call me back. I asked their attorney what was going on with the Mobile Home. He told me I would have to fill out a rental application after the current residents received their eviction notice and moved out. He refused to take my claim of ownership seriously.

To make a long story short,  the managers told me a couple weeks later that he had to see my Title. He gave me one week to show him these papers. I called the Division Manager at the California Department of Housing and Community Development. The Manager was really nice. She pulled my paper work and completed processing it for me. The next day I gave a copy of my Title to the manager, but he refers me to his attorney. This was on a Wednesday, and, according to the manager, I only had until Friday to give him proof. I asked manager if he told the attorney anything about me. He replied that he did not.

On April 25th I advised manager that I bought the Mobile Home in space 21. In response he said he needed to see the papers. So, I brought them to him. He copied them and made a file for me. I asked him how much of the back rent was due and he said $1146.00. I gave him a check for this amount. The next day his wife  called me in the office and handed me back the check with no explanation. I went home and wrote the both of them a letter with another check. This letter was mailed to them, return receipt requested. The next week I asked manager if they received the letter and the check. He said they had.

On February 3rd 2017, I paid six years of liens on the Mobile Home. On March 10th 2017 I paid to have a tax seized (levied) stopped. April 3rd 2017 I went to the County of Los Angeles Treasurer and Tax Collector’s and paid for a Tax Clearance Certificate and paid all of the fines and penalties. I did these because I had purchased the Mobile Home from the previous owner in February 20, 2017.

Mt attorney is not and has not done a thing to help me. Does anyone know what I should do at this point?