WARNING about property inspections.

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I bought a small park in Montana. A year in I had to have a very large cottonwood tree removed because it had the potential to fall on a house. It cost over $8500 to get it removed. I had never even considered trees when the property was inspected. I imagine this mistake could be made on any property an investor might buy.

@Dennis Nemitz

hi Dennis, I can definitely appreciate that. on Friday I had a tree I had taken down on my property, 70 foot hickory, which I had milled and had the lumber delivered Friday, Saturday morning, went to looked at a MHP with the owner and that was the first thing I looked for, nothing taller than 20 feet on the 7 acres. sorry to hear about you expense!

You are right and the problem isn't only at MHP.  I have a huge pine next to a house and I'm trying to figure out how to afford getting rid of it before any damage is done.

I love trees and shade, but they can make expensive pets.