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I have the opportunity to get my hands on a full sized, 3 bedroom, 2 Bath Doublewide about 1800 sq ft. It needs about two full weekends worth of work, but that’s ok I am not opposed to doing this.

My questions are:

1) I need to have it hauled? Not sure how to do this or how much its going to cost?

2) Where do I put it? How do I go about doing this? Hmm not sure. I thought about asking the guy that has it if I could rent his land and this way it doesn't have to be moved. About $150.00 a month I am thinking. I think it already has plumbing and electrical there but not sure.

If I move it I could get alot more CASH FLOW per month if its moved to a better area.

3) Does not have a title need to figure this one out?

4) Sewage and electrical how do I hook these things up?

5) Do I need my own lot? What has to be on the lot?

6) Should I sell it for the instant cash?

7) Please share your thoughts I need to get this thing done asap.

8) How do I find out the value? Should I fix it up for the CASH FLOW?

9) Not sure what the hell to do with it any suggestions greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Now I have an opportunity to get another on for FREE hmm, maybe good problem to have.

a few months ago i searched weeks and months back in craigslist for people that were desperate to sell their trailers and were already asking low prices so you could tell they needed to get out from them...i came across quite a few free ones, but none worked out bc they mostly needed a good bit of was also going to cost 2-3000 to move, and then another few grand in rehab

First you should find out if there are any back taxes owed. Ask the seller for a paid tax receipt. If he doesn't have one, more than likely there are taxes owed on the mobile. Call the county in which the mobile is located to find out.

Did the seller say why there isn't a title? Hopefully he is the actual owner of it. You should call the county and the DMV and see who's name the mobile is registered to. You also need to make sure there aren't any liens on the mobile.

Do the above before completing the transaction. Your state will have a certain cap year that a mobile home cannot be moved. You didn't state the year of the mobile. Here in my state of SC it's 1976 due to Hud regulations.

If all the above is positive, then the seller will either need to apply for a lost title at the DMV or if he has the serial number of the mobile, you can complete the transaction with a "bill of sale" from the DMV. (just make sure that the mobile is actually registered in the sellers name).

Options: You should ask the seller if he will rent out a lot for the mobile. You could also contact a local mobile home park to see if they would be willing to let you move the mobile into the park - you would have to obligate yourself to paying the lot rent up until the time the mobile is rented and then add the lot rent to the total monthly rent payment.

You would need to find a good and honest mobile home transporter if you're going to move the mobile. My transporter: moves the mobile, sets up the mobile by blocking and tying-down. He also connects the sewer and water lines. You will need a licensed electrician to connect the power. There will be county and city permits to obtain.

You would need to check within the local community as to how much 3/2 mobiles are renting for as an average.

No matter where you move the mobile, you will need water, sewer and power.

The easiest would be to just "flip" the mobile to another buyer since you appear to be new to this and there is a learning curve.

Thank you for all the input I appreciate it. It will be applied tomorrow.

Any updates?

Update, I have gotten around the $500 deposit that they said they wanted and would give it back to me after the mobile was moved. I said I wasn't crazy about that. So I would give them daily updates on what I have done in order to get it removed off the property.

I went and measured it and it is alot bigger then I thought it was. Here is the scoop.

Here is the specs on the trailer:
It’s 57’ x 24’ put together. It’s about 1368 square feet.
It has brand new kitchen cabinets, (most not installed yet but have been placed on the floor waiting to be put up)
Vinyl Siding. It has triple axles underneath with six tires, with full air in them. It has a brand new roof.
It has new OSB throughout the entire thing. Has a wood burning stove it is already set up through the roof.
Has a dishwasher. It has a stacked washer and dryer. It has some great built ins. Bathrooms there is two, with full tubs are ok and fully functional, faucets all ok but could be replaced.
Things it needs: Disadvantages.
To be moved.To be all set up afterwards. It needs to be completely cleaned out.
All bedroom doors need to be installed.
For some reason they took down one of the bedrooms so it would need to be put back up and would make a perfect 3rd bedroom. Advantage closet is still framed out.
Closets do not have doors
Needs some sheetrock repair. It has been exposed to the elements for a little while so the ceiling sheet rock has a little mold on it.
Needs a new counter it doesn’t have one. Needs a refrigerator and stove.
Needs carpet but there is some rolled up on the floor or some kind of floor covering.
Needs a 4’x5’ window replaced.
1 tongue needs to be reattached.
My thought on this is should I put it under contract for $10 bucks so I can sell it for $10k and see what offers I get?
Or put it out there for 5k?
Or even 3k?
It has been offered on Craigslist for a bit of time now and nobody has jumped maybe because it is free.
If this thing was fixed up it could easily get $800 - $1100 a month.
What are everybody’s thoughts? Please be as specific as possible I am new to this. Thanks

Did you estimate what the entire repair cost is going to be?

You have to factor that in before you decide to move on.

Well lets see I kinda did. It going to cost $1400 to move it at least, then I need a place to put it having no luck. After that it needs to be set up and I need a building permit which could take three months and approxiamtely another $4-6k just to set it all up. So we are loooking at about $7,500 before any cash flow. Then have to pay for a space. sometimes $400 a month. Repairs would probably be free because I can get all materials for free to do the fix up. I have a source. :wink:

Thinking just get under contract and flip it quick but not sure how to get around that it was posted for free on Craigslist.

Just be careful. Just because it's free doesn't mean it's a deal.

The fact that it's free sends a red light my way. Why are they so desperate to get rid of it by offering it free to begin with? What's wrong with it? why couldn't they sell it?

If it turns out that all it needs is a few thousand dollars to move and repair it well you got a deal going but still there is that red light.

You still didnt say what year or make of trailer it is??

Here you have to have a double wide to place in the county, anywhere, with a complete conc. foundation down to frost level with a concrete floor in crawl areas.

Then hooked to brand new highly designed septic system(expensive) and electric hookup

And roof all shingled

Is the wiring inside all copper wire or aluminum???

If you get to haul this house to the dump one load at a time,,,you will soon know why it was free

And for sure check yourself for any unpaid taxes. Can be thousands and thousands. Most have that here,,,you cant move or tear it down till paid off

Its a 1980s model no money is owed and it is ready to go. Yes it needs work but the owners just want it gone some guy about two months ago said he would take it and never came back thats why I am having an opportunity.

Anyway Its to much work for them they have too many other projects going to be bothered. The owner owns 13 body shops in the area and is very reputable.

If anybody else has some suggestions let me know I will even throw you a bone in that if you can help me get a deal done with this I will give we will split the profit. Fair enough?

Well that's mighty generous of him.

I'll check around my network and see if there are some mobile home buyers.

That would be great I am up for just about anything at this point. Its an opportunity for everybody to win. Thanks

$1400 sounds really a cheap price to move a doublewide. You should get that in writing. Does this amount include set-up (blocking and tie-downs)?

Why would you have to get a building permit? It's a mobile home. You would have to get a moving permit, if you move it. Did you check with your county as to the year cap limit to move mobiles?
And be sure that seller provides you with a paid tax receipt.

If I were you, I'd write up a contract with the seller giving you a specific amount of time to have the mobile moved (30 days) in which during this time you advertise the mobile and flip to end buyer. I would also stipulate in the contract that if you haven't moved the mobile within 30 days, you forfeit the mobile without any expenses to you (something like that).

Are there many mobile homes in your area? Go to your local real estate group and tell them what you have and the cost to them. Contact mobile home parks in your local area and ask if they buy mobiles. Also run an ad on craigs list.

When a potential buyer calls, you should have your numbers right. The price of the mobile to purchase, the estimate of repairs and transport cost. Remember that this mobile is older, a 1980 and it needs alot of repairs so you need to sell at a low cost that will entice an investor and give you a profit as well.

Hey Nick,
When I was actively looking for mobiles to buy cheaply, I ran across many free homes (you can find them often on Craigslist). I decided not to take any of them because with the repairs they needed (I didn't have a free source of materials), plus the $1500 to move them and set them up, then pay extra to hook up utilities, they became more expensive than buying one already set up in a spot. These were singlewides.
I also saw doublewides for free, but around here they cost $3000 to move and put back together, then add the utility setup, etc.
I would think that if you keep looking you could find some already set up you could buy for less than you could get this one.
Then again, if you're up for all the work and hassle, go ahead.
If you look around, you may be able to find a park that will help pay for the move. Around here I found a park that would pay $2500 toward moving a home into their park.

Aren't doublewides usually moved in 2 pieces? Here's a site I found where I person used a tractor and another claimed to move mobiles with a 3/4 ton pickup. I'd consider nothing less than a dually.

These days some folks with land are helping out their struggling relatives by putting a mobile on their property and may require a separate septic which can be expensive. Check local laws.

I'm always on the lookout for ways to put up cheap workshops, art studios, guest cottages, etc, behind a stick built house. Country folk always need more space! With some decent skirting and decking they don't look too bad.

Your local laws make a huge difference since some forbid putting a 2nd residence on any land without subdividing.

Don't believe there's any state that will allow a mobile home to be moved without first obtaining a moving permit and using a licensed mobile home transporter.

As this is a doublewide, it is divided into 2 sections and moved. It's alot more expensive to move and set up a DW.

Always follow the law with transporting a mobile or you could receive hefty fines.

Dediced to kill it this afternoon. After more research it was going to cost about 6k to do. Got an awesome education and thank you everybody for your input. :wink:

good choice nick..i've seen trailer park owners do well with free trailers, but for the average or beginning investor, free stuff usually becomes an expensive problem..

Originally posted by Nick Abbate:
Dediced to kill it this afternoon. After more research it was going to cost about 6k to do. Got an awesome education and thank you everybody for your input. :wink:

Sounds like you probably made the right choice, Nick. I remember when I was first testing the waters of this business I found a park that had a bunch of homes they would give me. The park manger ended up taking too long to get back to me a few times and I decided I didn't want to do business with someone like that. I'm glad I did because looking back it would have been a mistake.

Later I found a different park with free mobile homes that didn't have to be moved and only need about $1,000 - $2,000 worth of work (flooring, carpet, paint). They are out there! Good luck on your journey!

Good to hear your progress and learning education. In my experience, I've learned "free" may not always be the best route to take. Sometimes things that are "free" involves more time and money than meets the eye. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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