Does anyone rent RV's as a business model?

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Had a tenant with their own RV skip town.  Who has had success renting these (to own) or other owner financing?  What are some key issues to consider?

I have been in mobile homes for "a little while" and have plenty of experience with owner financing, tenant screening, cheap construction, etc, that you might mention for RV's.  One issue with RV's, for example, is do you remove the gray and blackwater tanks and make utility connections permanent?  @Leslie A. any tips or tricks from your experiences?

Thanks BP Nation.

Hey Jeffrey,

Sorry I didn't see this earlier. All but one of our RVs are FEMAs, so they didn't have holding tanks. The one that had tanks, we just instructed the tenant how to operate them. 

At the moment, we're taking a break while looking for land to make our own spaces. The lot rent has been really expensive lately, and I had a few crappy renters, so I was really ready for a break after 3 years and some extreme personal problems. I had a long post about it in the Investor Psychology section. 

All in all, though, they are money makers and I really need to get my head back into it. 

Feel free to ask anything I can help you with.