wholesale value mobile home

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What is the wholesale price I could get for a 1979 double wide 2 bed 2 bath all appliances- on leased Native American land expiring in 2 to 8 years? Make is United 24x60 and it's located in a mobile home park in Scottsdale AZ. 

Hard to do...what kind of shape is it in?

The problem is that it's not worth much, it will cost a lot to move it, it might not hold up well during moving because of its age, there may be restrictions in your area about whether/where it can be moved, etc.

It's in fair shape & I can move it if I choose to. Someone who wholesale buys told me maybe $5000. I wonder if that's about right. The owner said she would match the wholesale price to sell to me. Said the state would pay $12500 toward the move to another park.  Thanks for any advice.  

@Jamison Small You may want to talk to a few mobile home dealerships in the area. They may be able to give you a better idea of the wholesale price of the home. The price you can get will depend on its condition, age, location and what people are willing to pay for it in the area. Good luck!! 

Thank you! 

An experienced wholesaler who knows the area and the situation with my park and another nearby that just closed told me today the value is 5K - 7K based on the age of the home and the situation of the land lease expiring. He said many parks are updating and not accepting mobile homes this age so. He buys them to sell to land owners. So moving this home is not practical or worth the headaches.  I'd be better off buying a home in another park that I don't have to move. I just love the location and the possible price of this home that we spent some time and money painting, updating, and trim finish in the kitchen.  

In order to qualify for state relocation funds, I would have to stay in the park to the very end, when other homes have moved out. The disruption this caused in the nearby park looks like a bomb was set off, according to the wholesaler I spoke to. From what I understand, the land lease expiration of 2026 is not legally secured and the Indian "Community" plans to close the park in 2021-2022 which they have a right to do. No one knows how long they can stay. It's sad because it's a nice little community and I've been undecided because I don't want to leave.